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Kill Devil Hill Review

Writer/Director Robert “Ace” Jordan and crew demonstrate admirable technical chops in this short movie “based on actual events.”  I didn’t bother to research whether these “actual events” were really real “actual events”, or fabricated “actual events” just to make the film seem even more spooky, because well, it’s a rather cliche’d device that horror filmmakers turn to in order to add a sense of urgency and realism to their work.  I mean, would Antichrist be any more disturbing if it was “Based on actual events”?   I think not.  In the case of Kill Devil Hill, it really doesn’t need to lean on such devices either, because it is a well-made, effective thriller, combining satanic and domestic violence in a small package that delivers a big punch.

At around 10 minutes long, Kill Devil Hill presents a simple story of what occurs when a typical family comes into contact with elements of a Satanic ritual.  Obviously, bad things happen.  Jordan, along with Cinematographer Gregory White display a keen eye with excellent camerawork throughout.  Sound design and music score are well-executed as well.  The writing and acting are solid, though both seem a bit forced at times.  Scenes linger perhaps a bit too long, but I’m sure Jordan will improve his pacing and timing as he grows as a filmmaker.  As a first-time writer/director, it is admirable work.

My only gripe with the short is that it feels more like a movie-making exercise than a finished thought.  It seems like the opening sequence to a full feature film.  If that’s the case, then I encourage Jordan to keep working on this idea – with more attention paid to character development, dialogue and story, he may have a real winner here.


Kill Devil Hill is available via Hulu:

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Written by Mitchell Wells

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