Director Jonathan Moody Interview, Part 2 – Echo Lake & Trick or Eat

I hope everyone enjoyed part 1 of my interview with Jonathan Moody. If you didn’t catch it, make sure to click [here] to read it. Now, onwards to part 2! In part 2, Mr. Moody talks about his upcoming web-series, Echo Lake, and his second horror anthology film, Trick or Eat. Get the low down on these projects before they grace your DVDs and silver screens. Check out the interview below.

Echo Lake is going to be a horror/mystery web-series. How many episodes will be featured in the series?

We plan for 6 episodes. Each 15 minutes long.

Nice open statement – Tell me everything that my readers need to know about Echo Late that aren’t spoilers!

Echo Lake is a murder mystery horror series. A small town is threatened by a serial killer from the past whose come back to haunt them, or are they? Each week you see a different murder and you begin to solve it.

Who will your target audience be? High schoolers? College kids? Everyone?

I hope everyone will be interested in this. The beauty of the web is anyone can view it so it doesn’t have to be rated at all.

I asked Kelsey Zukowski the same question on Echo Lake – what do you think is the benefit releasing a horror web-series instead of a horror film?

I think the benefit is you can just release it. You don’t have to go through a lot of crap to get it out there. You can just put it online. And to me that’s so much cooler.

Where are you in terms of debuting the series? Are any of the episodes completed yet?

The crazy thing is we shot it in December and January of last and this year. We need to finish it, but it’s set in the winter so we need to finish it in the winter. So this winter. That’s the plan to finish it. None of the episodes are ready because it all needs to be done before we can show anything. Although, a new trailer should be made pretty soon.

I see Trick or Eat is another anthology film. SQC has six stories, Trick or Eat looks to have about seven. How did your head not explode while thinking about so many different minifilms?

That’s a good question. I have no idea. Robert Rodriguez says everyone has 100 short films in them, just get them out. I guess I’m taking his advice since I never really did a lot of short films haha.

I always ask…Is there a funny story or interesting anecdote that comes to mind when you reflect on Trick or Eat as it is so far?

Well, Jackey Hall (Cyborg Conquest, Red River) who I love working with, came up from Georgia to Virginia and then unfortunately got sick where she couldn’t even speak well and had to leave the set of “The Dare” and had to come back a month later to finish. But look at the outtake we did of her teasing me, you can find it online. And you will see how much fun we had on set.

You already released one of the parts, Valentine’s Prey with DeVanny Pinn. This was actually (embarrassingly) the first time I’ve seen her act. How has fan response to the film been?

It was the first time recently I got to see it in the theatre. So it was really cool. I saw it at the Pittsburgh Horror Film Festival. And everyone laughed when they were supposed to laugh, gasp when they needed to gasp, and then applauded at the end. I thought it was an amazing experience. Recently someone said, “You didn’t need to look so creepy” and I laughed because if you have seen it you, understand why my character has to look and seem that way.

Based on our SQC interview, I know IMDB is a little crazy. But, it says Trick or Eat will be released October 4, 2011. True or false?

We will have to change that. Unfortunately since I’m making it, it’s going to take a little longer. I’m completely funding it so I have no idea when the release will really be. Sorry, I wish I could give a date, but I can’t.

No problem, Mr. Moody. No problem at all. It’s good to try and build the suspense and anticipation, right? Jonathan’s production company has its own youtube channel, which you can find [here]. It contains a couple segments for Trick or Eat including The Dare, Valentine’s Prey, Bashed, and The Blackout. His channel also includes teaser trailers for Scream Queen Campfire and Echo Lake. Also, you can see the funny video Jonathan talked about [here]

Make sure that you “like” Trick or Eat on Facebook [here] and Echo Lake [here]. I can’t wait to see how everything turns out.

Thank you for your time, Jonathan.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)