One of The Most Beautiful People In The World, Chanel Ryan Interview

I always shower the women I interview with compliments, not only because I want to be nice, but because they are well deserved, well warranted compliments. When I call Chanel Ryan one of the most beautiful people, I’m not speaking for myself. She has actually been called one of the most beautiful women in the world by magazines in several different countries. Currently, she’s taking a leap into our favorite genre and is booking multiple roles in horror-comedy, science fiction, and horror films. I ask Chanel in this interview how it feels to be a scream queen, and she’s not too sure if she can be considered one…yet. Although she is pretty new to the horror genre, I have a feeling we’ll be seeing a lot of her in the future. Read my interview with Chanel below to find out all about her career, her upcoming movies, some bits about her personality, and much more.

When you think of Hobgoblins 2, what comes to mind first? I tried to think of a question for you, but I’d rather you just open up about this film.

Hmmm….  I remember doing an autograph signing in Detroit right before Hobgoblins 2 was released.  I actually had no idea when the film was coming out. So, I arrive at my table and there are a group of guys waiting for me. All of them with photos they found of me online as “Fantazia” and printed out for me to sign.  Since the original Hobgoblins was such a cult classic (no matter that it is known on IMDB as 1 of the 25 worst films of all time) and has such a large fanbase, I guess it carried over to Hobgoblins 2.  That, plus the fact that I am scantily clad and pouring jello down my top in the films trailer!
Hobgoblins 2 was definitely an interesting experience. I literally signed on to play “Fantazia” the day before I started filming and didn’t get my script until I walked on set. I actually never read the full script but was given each scene as we were about to film them.  Just to clarify, normally you get the script long in advance so you have time to build a character, do research, make decisions, memorize your lines,  etc etc etc. Rick Sloane, the director, has a very strong and unique vision as to how he wanted the film to turn out. He wanted to stay true to the original Hobgoblins which was shot back in 1987. So much so that my character is wearing some of the original wardrobe worn by Tamara Clatterbuck, the actress who played “Fantazia” in part 1.  The Hobgoblins are the original puppets made for and used in part 1. The film has a really cool 80’s vibe and I love the overall color saturation. 

I joke around that Rick wanted our performances to be bad and he succeeded! There is a scene in the film where I have to do an evil laugh, which I had never done before, and we shot the rehearsal. I did laugh for the first time during rehearsal and that was it!! Rick liked the take so we moved on.  I was mortified since, in my opinion, the laugh could’ve been a thousand times better. Lemme tell you, I have practiced that laugh since filming and if there is ever need for me to do it again, I have it down!  All that being said I am really glad to be part of the Hobgoblins family and that Rick cast me as “Fantazia”.

Paranormal Whacktivity seems like it is the perfect combination of horror and comedy. What can you tell us about your role in this film and your time on set?

Without giving to much of the film away. I play “The Bride of Dracula” in Paranormal Whactivity.  It’s a sexy and hilarious spoof on the film Paranormal Activity. The basic plot is about a couple who have just moved into a new house. Every time they try to consummate their relationship, they find peril around every corner due to an evil presence that haunts them whenever they attempt to be intimate. Spoiler alert! I am one of the evil spirits ruining the couples sex life!

I know that Bad Kids Go To Hell is based of a comic book of the same name. From what you know so far, is the film keeping the same feeling as the comic books, whether it be production-wise or mood-wise?

I am really psyched to be part of Bad Kids Go To Hell! We actually just finished filming in Texas and WOW was it HOT.  The film is based on the best selling comic of the same name.  The director Matthew Spradlin and producer Bazza Wernick are also the writers and they are staying true to the comic in production, script and mood. Wait until you see the sets, wardrobe and hair and make-up! The film is a horror/comedy/thriller and is very stylized.  The basic storyline involves six prep school kids from Crestview Academy who are stuck in detention on a stormy Saturday
afternoon.  Each of the six kids falls victim to a horrible accident.

Sort of The Breakfast Club meets The Grudge. Such a talented cast including  Judd Nelson as “HeadMaster Nash” and Ben Browder as “Max”. I am playing “Ms. Gleason” the over zealous cheerleading coach.  The Bad Kids are played by Marc Donato, Cameron Deanen Stweart, Augie Duke, Ali Faulkner, Amanda Alch and Roger Edwards.

I’ve kept an eye on War of The Dragon for a while now because former Danity Kane singer, Aubrey O’Day is my celebrity crush and she is rumored to be in the film. Yet, there haven’t been any updates for a while. Being that you have been cast in the film as well, can you confirm if the film is definitely happening?

Fun cast and great role for me. I play “Rose” who is a Southern Religious zealot. From my last conversation with the director, the film is being restructured a bit and he is in talks to bring a big name actor on board. I actually referred both Candace Kita and Camden Toy to the project so I sure hope War of the Dragon is happening! 

What attracts you to science fiction, horror, and horror-comedies films?

I am a huge geek! I am a big sci-fi and horror fanatic.  I love the fantasy of it all.  I didn’t even realize I had done so many films in those categories until I went to answer this question. I think I prefer them since such a different reality
is created in these genres.  So far from where and who I am. The possibilities are endless.

It was just announced that you will have a part in the Scream Queen Campfire film. How does it feel to be considered a scream queen?

Am I considered a Scream Queen?!  Not sure about that one!  I love the horror genre, but am fairly new to it.  I would love to do a slasher flick! I am great with comedy so the horror films I have done so far are comedy/horror.  Maybe this time next year I will be closer to that title.  I am playing the lead in three really cool upcoming horror films. The details are hush, hush at this point but I can tell you . . . One is a vampire film, one is a psychological thriller ,and one is a horror/mystery shot along the lines of Blair Witch Project. No comedy involved in any of these projects! 

And speaking of horror I am excited to join the cast of Scream Queen Campfire.  It will definitely be fun to work with such familiar names and faces in the horror industry and true “Scream Queens”.  Here’s the scoop on the film.  A group of scream queens will be telling horror stories around a campfire.  The film will then journey into an anthology of six vignettes which will tell these stories.

Modeling is also a big part of your career. I see that you’ve appeared on multiple magazine covers, such as SELF, and modeled for a bunch of places, such as Frederick’s Of Hollywood. How did you get into modeling, besides being remarkably stunning?

I actually stopped modeling full time about a year ago so I could stay in town, start studying and focus on acting.  They are both full time jobs and until I figure out a way to clone myself, acting is my first love. For the past few years it’s been a real struggle for me since I have always wanted to stay in town and focus on my acting career. Then I end up out of the country 80% of the time on different modeling jobs.  It’s difficult to say no to a paying job in an exotic location for an audition you may, or may not even get a callback for.  I turned down a job in Thailand recently with a really well know, respected photographer – it KILLED me but, I was committed to a film.  Believe me, I’m not complaining, it’s a good problem to have. 

I’ve been modeling since I was a teenager.  I was actually laying out on the beach when I was approached to model for a swimwear campaign. I had a couple other incidents like that happen all within a few months of each other, so basically moved to Los Angeles and started modeling full time.  Work has taken me all over the world from Australia and the Bahamas to Canada, Costa Rica, Italy,Jamaica, Mexico, the Phillipines, Spain and Taiwan!  My images appear regularly on magazine covers and layouts across the globe such as FHM, Maxim. I have an international deal for my CHANEL swimsuit calendar. Some of my recent modeling campaigns include Anheuser
Busch, Harley Davidson Swimwear, Plastik Wrap clothing. Yes, I have also modeled for Fredrick’s of Hollywood among a bunch of other recognizable companies.  

Actress, model, television host, animal rights activist…you even have your own calendar! When do you find time to sleep? What keeps you going strong and motivated?

When you put it that way I do need to clone myself! Acting has pretty much taken over my life for the past year or so.  I have been on back to back acting projects and don’t have much free time.  Sleep – whats that?!  When I’m in town and not working I make it a priority to be in acting class every week.  If modeling jobs come my way I accept them but  it’s no longer my main focus.  That being said, one of my passion projects is shooting my CHANEL SWIMSUIT CALENDARS and they are always available thru my website.  I love what I do so that’s what motivates me!! I have the
best job in the world. I am lucky enough to work with talented, creative people and get to travel the world while doing it!

Yes, on a different note! I love animals more than people. I am a huge advocate for animal rights and volunteer at a local no kill shelter along with other charities.  It absolutely breaks my heart, and makes me sick to my stomach the neglect some people treat animals with. They are defenseless creatures and rely on us to protect them.  There is such a huge population of homeless, unwanted animals. Not to preach, but people, fix your animals and adopt from a local shelter.  Be part of the solution, not the problem!

What can Chanel Ryan fans expect from you for the rest of the years? Where can they look for you next?

Hopefully, I will continue to book bigger and better films! I have a few different projects coming out.  Small Apartments has an amazing cast and is directed by the legendary Jonas Akerlund. I am such a fan of his work!  The Witches of Oz is a modern day take on an old classic; directed by Leigh Scott with a great cast.  It will be in theatres later this year, I think October or November.  Skum Rocks is a rockumentary spoof narrated by Alice Cooper and has cameos from famous musicians and well known actors.  I play “Ashley X” the disgruntled ex-girlfriend of the bands
lead singer.  Check my IMDB page for details:

I’m doing a few autograph signings coming up.  I’ll be at San Diego Comicon, and hopefully Chiller theatre in October.  If you are there make sure and come say hi! Might possibly do a few others depending on my schedule.  For details on upcoming appearances, check the appearance section on my website: and it will also be posted on Facebook:

Oh yeah!! Almost forgot my new website launches in the next couple weeks. Complete with a film section with movie clips and trailers, behind the scenes and red carpet photos etc etc etc . . .

This means that every HorrorSociety reader should look out for her new website launch at If you happen to pay her site a visit now, make sure you visit the “charity” link. It contains several links to animal and pet related charities. As someone who is equality as passionate about animal rights as Chanel, I encourage you to look it over and educate yourself. Besides that, I will be keeping an eye out for any updates on Chanel’s upcoming horror related films. S0, stay tuned and follow Chanel on twitter @chanelryan.

Thanks for your time, Miss Ryan.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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