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Scream Queens Wrap Up 2011 #5

This will be the last entry in this series and I can’t think of a scream queen more unique to have her own article. However, Lia Scott Price is a different kind of scream queen. Lia is conquering the world of literature and comic books instead constantly battling serial killers on-screen. She is also a producer and someone I am happy to call a friend. Check out Lia’s 2011 wrap up below to read about her year’s highlights and what she hopes for in 2012.

“My highlight for 2011 was my bloody, scream-filled Vampire Trilogy comic book featuring my totally not wimpy vampire characters called Serial Killer and Vampire Guardian Angels (TM). Yep, they are serial killers. They are vampires. Yep, you heard it right. They target you and hunt your ass down only when you pray to a Guardian Angel. Then they eat you. I really enjoyed messing up the image of a good guardian angel by turning them into something very very bad, very sick of prayers, and doing very bad things. Turning my original trilogy novel with these characters into a comic book with bloody and disturbing images was a year-long project, but I got it done.

Another highlight was bringing those same vicious, disturbing vampire characters to life in my series of film shorts. They aren’t sissy vampires. (They like to play with their food.) The best parts of course, were the screaming, the sharp objects, sharp teeth, and playing with prop blood. Brings so much warmth to my evil heart (insert evil laugh here). Despite the no-budget challenge, I managed to get the films done with some great actor friends.

So 2012 is going to be way bloodier and way more f’d up. I’m working on a comic book series featuring my Vampire Guardian Angel characters. There will be screaming, slashing, raping, killing, slicing and dicing. I am also working on a new series of film shorts where I will be acting lead and of course, doing much more screaming. I will be working to bring back a more vicious and bloodthirsty and violent image of vampires. There will be (hopefully) nightmares. And there will be many, many reasons to fear your Guardian Angel.”

Thank you for the update, Lia. See you in 2012!

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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