Live-In Fear Funding Campaign

Only 5 days left to donate! Make sure you get ’em in!

The team behind Live-In Fear is about to finish gathering funds, but need your help to make the campaign a success. An indiegogo page has been created (which you can view here) and the first thing you should check out is the unsettling and creepy teaser that is posted there. The second thing you should look at is the perks which include thank you credits, signed postcards, DVD of the completed film, invite to the LA premiere, producer credits, and props from the film. So, click here to donate if you have some extra bucks lying around. Support indie horror!

Live-In Fear is a “thriller/horror film which takes place in the isolated Utah wilderness during the winter. When four friends decide to take a vacation to escape from the harsh realities of their normal lives, they soon discover something isn’t right at the mountain resort. Their fears and anxieties begin to manifest into reality, threatening their sanity and ultimately, their lives. ” Cast and crew members include Nancy Wolfe, Johnny Wolfe, Inker Bella, Gabi Habush, Brandon Scullion, Maria Olsen, Charlene Geisler, and Christopher Dye.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)