Interview: DeeDee Bigelow, actress and writer extraordinaire

*This week I bring you an interview with the incomparable DeeDee Bigelow. I’ve always wanted to use the word ‘imcomparable’ and figured this would be as good a time as any! DeeDee is one of the hardest working women not only in the horror genre, but in the entertainment industry as a whole. I first learned about her several weeks ago while looking at Iron Dead’s Ginger-Stein: Rise of The Undead, and Playzom. Now it is time for you guys to learn about her to! Check out my interview with DeeDee below to read all about DeeDee, who is a scream queen in her own right.

Q: To start things off, can you introduce yourself to readers? Why did you get into acting?

D: I’m DeeDee Bigelow and I’ve been in the film industry for 6 years now. Filmmaking is my passion and I will continue to work for the rest of my life. I only hope that when I am Betty White’s age, I’m doing as great as she is in this business! [DeeDee on IMDB:]

Q: Your first horror film on file is 2008’s Insanitarium. What was this first experience with horror like for you?

D: Insanitarium was insane! For my first horror film, I was thrown into weird blue contacts and fake blood, eating livers. We shot at an abandoned hospital, which seemed odd already. The vibe was just creepy, but it was a lot of fun for my first horror film. I learned a lot from that production.

Q: Horrorween! I just glanced over the cast list again. Is this movie real? If so, can you tell readers about your character “Megan?”

D: Horrorween is a film project that I am highly anticipating filming; however, we have not shot my scenes yet. Megan will be a GREAT character though, I can assure you!

Q: Not all of your work is horror related. You’ve appeared on Icarly, Showgirls 2, and the upcoming Chicago 8. How does work in other genres compare to your experiences in horror?

D: Yes, I do a lot of work that is not horror related. Every aspect of this business is an adventure to me. I get to do horror with fake blood (like Machete Betty), sci-fi shooting aliens (like Alien Armageddon), drama with huge emotional aspects (like The Chicago 8), comedy as a dominatrix biker (The Adventures of Lemmy and Dugg) and a sword carrying warrior in a new fantasy film. I suppose I love doing everything, as with every new role I get to be someone I’m not. It’s like when I used to pretend to be Princess Lea as a kid. In a great way, I just get to continue to play! I LOVE doing every film genre out there!

Q: According to several sources, you have a comic book in the works which follows you and a white tiger fighting crime. Can you tell readers a little more about Beast Mistress?

D: My comic book, Beast Mistress, is based on me and my friend Isis, who is a white tiger. The comic is still in the development stage, but I hope to get going with it again soon! Work has kept me very busy and Beast Mistress has gotten pushed back. I am however, in a comic book called Ginger-Stein. I play “Diana Diablo”, a woman whose body splits open and eats people! She is very cool and wicked! [More info on Ginger-Stein:]

Q: What are your plans for 2012 and onward? Are there any exciting upcoming horror projects you’d like to get out there?

D: For 2012: I’ve filmed 2 cameo appearances in horror films called The Pandora Experiment and The Road Killer.  I’ve got a great psychological horror film coming out this year called Pain is Beautiful, directed by Chris Staviski. I think this film will shock and amaze you! I played a biker dominatrix in a comedy web series called “The Adventures of Lemmy and Dugg,” which will be playing at the Action on Film Festival this summer. My fiancé, Brett Wagner and I are writing movie reviews for Playzom Magazine called The Scary Truth. I’m co-writing/producing a short film based in Rome 326AD (this is a HUGE challenge). And I have 3 more films, 2 comic books and a television show slated to shoot so far this year. When I am able to share this information I would love to come back and do so!

PLEASE come send me a friend request on Facebook and keep up to date with everything I have going on! [DeeDee on Facebook:!/deedeebigelow]

Q: Favorite horror film?

D: My favorite horror film would be Halloween with Jamie Lee Curtis!

*Thank you for your time, DeeDee Bigelow!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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