Fundraising: Hatchet Lady

I’m really stoked to announce Hatchet Lady! It’s going to be a completely feminized version of Adam Green’s Hatchet! Ok, I kid, I kid. But, I’m still stoked to announce Hatchet Lady because it’s one of the first short films by Jonathan Moody that will be included in the upcoming Scary Story Slumber Party Volume 2. Moody just released Volume 1 at the end of April, but hey – you can’t keep a good director down!

Click here to donate to Hatchet Lady on Indiegogo. By donating, you can earn yourself the following prizes: ($1) special message, ($25) special thanks in credits, ($50) DVD of Scary Story Slumber Party Volume 1, ($100) associate producer credit and a copy of Hatchet Lady before anyone else, ($500) co-producer credit and teaser poster, and ($1,000) executive producer credit and all the other perks.

Hatchet Lady is actually based on a real life experience that was had by Jonathan Moody. Pretty much, don’t go trespassing on a certain patch of woods or you’ll have to deal with Hatchet Lady. Moody promises gore, nudity, strong language, and some 80s elements in this short film. Hatchet Lady will star Julie Anne Prescott (As Night Falls), Mathew Moore (Imaginary Friend), Andrea Collins (Dead Start), Jonathan Moody (Echo Lake), Johnny Johnson (Plan 9), and Robert Elkins (Chicken Head).

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)