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Bouquet Of Consequence, A Short Film

On behalf of LA Motion Pix, let me take this opportunity to invite you to become a part of an exciting and rewarding opportunity! Our latest film, Bouquet of Consequence is currently fundraising for our upcoming festival circuit. Our challenge is grand, but our team is equally up to this daunting task.

LA Motion Pix has created a Kickstarter campaign to seek the crowd funding necessary for this project. Kickstarter is a GREAT way to get involved with fun, creative projects such as our short film, Bouquet of Consequence. For as little as $5 you can help see this film succeed in showing in a variety of festivals both locally and nationally. It really is that simple!

Visit our Kickstarter project at:

Crowd funding is quickly becoming the most popular method of producing independent movies. It’s a grass-roots approach to fundraising that is changing the entire industry! For the first time ever independent films are empowered to make unique, challenging experiences for moviegoers of all kinds.

LA Motion Pix is committed to the success of Bouquet of Consequence. You can help ensure its success. In addition to seeking funding, we realize the support of a solid expanding community is essential for its growth. This is a perfect networking opportunity and it all begins with a link…

View the Bouquet Of Consequence trailer and get involved in this exciting and THRILLING experience.

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Submitted by: LA Motion Pix

Written by Mitchell Wells

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