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We’ve been Troma tized!

We’ve been Tromatized! By Monstermatt Patterson

Ghoul Mourning, Maniacs!

Troma has stomped its toxic, radiated footprint in our midst and Horror Society wanted me to tell you about it! Yessshhhh! I imagine they feel you haven’t been punished enough! Grab a cold one out of the morgue and sit a spell.

It’s Return to the Class of Nuke’Em High!

In this sequel, we find a Tromaville High School couple, having conflicts with the school’s Glee Club. The Glee Club mutates into a notorious gang called The Cretins. Additional mutating high schoolers run amok, leaving the couple to try and find out why ? Will they find out, before The Cretins knock them out ?!

In this sequel to the classic Class of Nuke’Em High, here is what you can definitely bank on: Humor by the truckload, wonderful special effects, “dead on” social commentary wrapped in Tromagic ( blood, ooze, breasts ), Kevin the Wonder Duck… what the duck ?! Yes, Kevin the Wonder Duck! Also, Lemmy, Ron Jeremy, Debbie Rochon ( who flew back into town after wrapping her directorial debut on Model Hunger ) and more!

Lloyd Kaufman brought the production of Return to the Class of Nuke’Em High, to Niagara Falls, N.Y. Lloyd was here ( Western New York ), with his wife Pat ( N. Y. State Film Commissioner ) in May, for a horror / paranormal convention and location scouting trip. I had the chance to talk with them and Tim Clark, the local film commish about various industrial sites for filming. This is the second Troma film to be shot in WNY. The first was Poultrygeist. It’s fitting that they picked The Falls area, because sections of it do look like Tromaville! There is a large industrial section. When we drive by it, we always say ” And on this part of the tour, you can see Tromaville.” We’ve been saying that since the late eighties!

There was such a zeal and zest to the Troma folks, that it made this shoot seem like a cake walk! Lloyd’s crew meshed seamlessly with our local, growing film communities. It rubbed off! Fiends and I found ourselves running errands and bringing food, nearly every time we showed up.There were so many familiar faces working both behind the scenes and on camera, I can’t name them all!

Heck, even this guy was part of the production! This was my first time on a Troma shoot. I would like to say, that it was such an enjoyable experience and if you get a chance to be a part of one, please do so! I played a teacher in a couple of scenes. Mostly background stuff and my daughter shared some camera time, as well. We were pantomiming a student / teacher conflict in the halls, when some chaos erupts! Lloyd was hysterical to my daughter and she really enjoyed being there. He kept her laughing and we share a few zingers, possibly on the behind the scenes footage.

The first day of shooting as a teacher type, I happened to step in dog droppings on the sidewalk. This was funny as hell, because I was just about to hug my pal Debbie Rochon! So, there I am scraping my wingtips on the pavement, like a show-horse counting with its front leg. People thought I was goofing around, but Neighhh, I mean, nay! Ugh.

It’s interesting and ironic, to have been a part of this film. Donna McDaniel, was in Frightmare,a Troma film. Donna used to babysit my sister and I. That sister took me to see The Toxic Avenger, in the theater. I saw most of it, because she and our oldest sister, covered up my eyes during the good parts! Sometimes being the youngest, kind of stinks! You don ‘t suppose they’d try that with this film, do you ?! I mean, I’m in it!

Aww, C’mon! Sisters, please!

If I didn’t say it before, I will here -Thank you Uncle Lloyd and Troma, for letting our community host you and work with you, on this terrific film production. We hope your experience, was as rewarding as ours.We definitely look forward to the film’s release and your return!

Until next time, Dear Maniacs…

Monstermatt Patterson
The Man of a Thousand Bad Monster Jokes!
Author, Artist, Voice talent

Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!


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  1. As i read this, sounds like my thoughts also. daughter in it, helping out where needed, making runs for cast and crew. Just having a blast. getting mistaken for the pizzaman . i forgot to pass the thank yous on. (tough when there 2 Mr Pattersons on the scene , worse yet Mat and Pat. lol. I would so do this again. Thanks to all involved in bringing this production to town.

  2. Heyyyy Pat!!
    Sorry for the delay!Definitely enjoyed the experience.Yeah,I was “the pizza guy” a few times. ;)
    Pat,Matt.Paterson,Patterson.Potato/Potato,let’s call the whole thing off?
    Yeah,definitely confusing…

    Looking forward to the upcoming release/cast events and seeing everyone again.

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