PRA/EY to screen at Philly Loves Women in Horror

phillylovesI’m very happy to announce that Lia Scott Price’s latest short film, PRA/EY, has been selected to screen at the Philly Loves Women in Horror event this February. The twenty minute short film is written and stars Lia Scott Price, and is directed by Ray Rodriguez.

Philly Loves Women in Horror 2013 will also show short films from Devi Snively, Lori Bowen, Ghettosongbird, Sharvon P. Urbannavage, and Maude Michaud.

Philly Loves Women in Horror begins at 7:30PM on February 7, 2013. The venue is The Rotunda located at 4014 Walnut Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Admission is free.

“Philly Loves Women in Horror is the brainchild of Ashlee. A West Philly jawn who desires community amongst the ladies in the horror and genre artistic industries. Come join filmmakers, fans, and artists alike for an hour of short films by talented women directors and producers in the horror film industry and an additional hour of getting to know women in horror who work, live, and love right in ou…r city!”


Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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