Bad Kids Go To Hell? Ok, but will the cheerleading coach be there?


After a small theater run, Bad Kids Go To Hell has officially been released to all digital and physical retailers. I was able to view this movie months ago and have really been singing its praises. Bad Kids Go To Hell follows several high schoolers as they spend an entire day in Saturday detention for, well, being bad. During their eight hour confinement they discover the skeletons in each other’s closets and rattle the rumored ghosts who may inhabit the school. One by one each student falls victim to a grisly accident that claims their life. Is one of the bad kids on a Hellish killing spree or is the school handing out discipline of its own?

Bad Kids Go To Hell is written and directed by Matthew Spradlin with Barry Wernick and is based on the hit comic book series. The film stars a gaggle of horror and science-fiction veterans including Judd Nelson (Cabin By The Lake), Ben Browder (“Stargate”), Marc Donato (Haunted High), Ali Faulkner  (Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1), Cameron Stewart (American Horror House), Eloise Deloria (The Texas Comedy Massacre), and Chanel Ryan (Hobgoblins 2).

This transitions us nicely into the reasons why you should go out and buy your copy of the Bad Kids Go To Hell, whether it be VOD, Redboxed, or from In my original review of the film I called Bad Kids Go To Hell the Breakfast Club on bath salts. It really is the Breakfast Club for a younger, more messed up in the head generation. The only big difference is that horror and science-fiction elements are added to Bad Kids Go To Hell where personal growth and acceptace were added to The Breakfast Club. Now, don’t get me wrong, Bad Kids didn’t copy Breakfast in the least in terms of plot and dialogue; more-so I am using the cult classic as a way to compare the characters and plot developments in Bad Kids Go To Hell.


Another reason to watch this flick is for break out star Chanel Ryan. Chanel Ryan is a beautiful woman who has appeared on the cover of dozens of different magazines across the globe. She’s appeared in issues of FHM, Maxim, Variety, and pretty much any other magazine you can think of. Chanel is also no stranger to the world of film and television. Her acting credits include a role as one of the Felon cheerleaders in BASEketball, Jonas Akerlund’s Small Apartments and Dorothy and The Witches of Oz, and the soon to be released Skum Rocks!. If you’re wondering about her horror credits, Chanel has appeared as Fantazia in Hobgolins 2 in 2009, and has a role in the upcoming horror film Alice D.

In Bad Kids Go To Hell, Chanel plays the zany history teacher and cheerleading coach, Ms. Gleason. Chanel’s comedic timing, dedication to character, and fantastic acting chops will easily make Ms. Gleason one of the film’s favorite characters. Obviously Chanel is breath-takingly beatiful, but you really need to check out her shining performance in Bad Kids Go To Hell; she is one of the only characters who will truly make you laugh. You can find her IMDB page here:

Here’s a link to where you can purchase your DVD copy of Bad Kids Go To Hell. The film is also available on VOD and in RedBoxes nationwide.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)