(CLOSED) Contest: Get Your Hands on Mike’s Junk #1 – Smiley

SMILEY Coming in OctoberLast night I decided that it’s been a while since we gave away a free movie here at Horror Society. You all have been so supportive lately and our popularity is shooting up – so, obviously you deserve to be treated in some way. Oh, yes, this is just one of the many give away’s to happen this summer.

Last night I posted on our Facebook page and asked you, the public, which film you’d rather receive…if you win the random raffle, that is. I went through my horror movie collections and figured, hey, everyone would love to get their hands on my junk. Not that these movies are junk, but I could actually part with them knowing some of our great readers would inherit them from my possession. Anyway, the three options were: A) Smiley… B) The Scourge… and C) The Haunting In Connecticut II: Ghosts of Georgia.

64 people voted in the twelve hour time frame…and the a whopping 32 people voted for Smiley. Yes, literally 50% of the voters wanted to try and win a hip slasher film starring a bunch of Youtube stars. In Smiley, “Ashley goes to her new college while getting over the death of her mother. She meets some new people there including Binder (‘Shane Dawson’ ) while at a party and she learns about an urban legend of an online killer that has the nickname “Smiley” who can only be seen on the web and he apparently kills people after they type in “I did it for the lulz” three times. Soon after going to the party Ashley and her flatmate Proxy go online to test it out, with horrific results. She becomes paranoid and she starts to think she sees Smiley all over the place and feels that he may be chasing her, but how can that be if he is not real? Have they somehow released him from the internet?”

So, here’s what you have to do to be entered into the raffle to get your hands on my junk. Send an email to me at with the subject line reading “I Did It For The Lulz.” Then include your name and full address in the body of the email, and you’ll be all set. Good luck guys! I’ll leave this open for a week.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)