Chanel Ryan lands two new horror films!

chanelnweMany moons ago when I interviewed model turned actress Chanel Ryan, I called her one of the most popular up and coming scream queens. Well, now I think it’s safe to pull the “up and coming” from her title as Chanel is really killing this industry…literally.

Film buffs may recognize Ms. Ryan from her hilarious role as Ms. Gleason in Bad Kids Go To Hell. Bad Kids had a small, limited theater run before exploding to popularity on VOD and Redbox. Chanel’s performance as the zany, too cheery cheerleading coach was hailed as one of the brighest roles in the entire movie. Most recently, Chanel has completed another starring role in the Brandon Slagle picture Dead Sea. Her co-stars include scream queen Devanny Pinn, Monster Man’s Cleve Hall, and action star James Duval of Independence Day fame.

Now it has just come to my attention that Ms. Ryan has landed two new roles in upcoming horror films. The first is a horror-thriller titled House on Rodeo Gulch, where Chanel will play an angry mother who faces off with paranormal activity and a shady priest. The second movie is a flick called Circus of The Dead, where Chanel will star alongside scream king Bill Oberst Jr. and her Bad Kids co-star Roger Edwards.

Also look for Chanel Ryan in the upcoming films Skum Rocks! with Kevin Bacon, Matthew Broderick, and Fran Drescher, Alice D. with Kane Hodder and Al Snow, and Crimson Saints with Tony Todd and Clint Howard.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)