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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Heather Drew


Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Heather Drew

horror12(1)“Fans of Horror are family to me. Not everyone understands why we like it, but to us there is nothing better! I honestly think I was predestined to act in this genre. I remember being a small child running to the mirror during commercial breaks reenacting the Monsters I saw on screen. I was raised on a healthy dose of Buffy, Charmed, and movies like Attack of the Killer Clowns. After graduating College and doing a few years of Theater, the Horror gene kicked in hardcore. I knew I wanted to act in the films I loved. I wanted my epic death scene! I started taking Horror/Sci-fi acting classes at the ACTORS CONNECTION in NY taught by Pamela Kramer. That is my secret weapon and changed my life. After two years of this class (which I still often take), I became a Death Scene Consultant. Meaning I coach actors on how to die correctly as well as going to conventions and hosting a How to Die like a Pro event. I now hang out at every Convention and Film Fest that I can. Horror acting can be a very physical job and at times super sticky and dirty but it makes me feel like a badass. I absolutely love it!”*

Location: I’m from Northern New Jersey but I split my time between NJ, NYC, and Philly.

1. How did you get into the industry?

After college I was craving the joy I felt from acting back in High School. My Freshman year, I had received an honorable mention from The Helene Hayes Theatre and just thought it was a blast. After graduated college with a B.A. in Contemporary Arts, I joined a few Theatre companies. A girl from a play I was in dropped out of a film shoot and she had suggested me. That’s when I found film and realized this was what I should be doing. Within a month I was on a 2 hour bus ride to NYC to take an On-Camera acting class. I read about a Horror acting class taught there by Casting Director Pamela Kramer and new this was fate. I owe being introduced to the Horror world to this woman. I didn’t become a Horror Scream Queen by accident; this lady worked my butt off. I knew Pamela Kramer (Casting Director and owner of BradleyBaron) had cast for Dante Tomaselli and brought people to class like Stevan Mena (Malevolence and Bereavement). I wanted to be around these people. Day one of class I felt like at home. I started making friends at Horror Conventions and got my first big role by auditioning in the middle of ComicCon. Soon after I became a Death Scene Consultant and started hosting How to Die Like A Pro events. Everything just snowballed from there. I have been blessed to get most of my roles from recommendations. I really feel that the Horror world is super supportive of each other. The Horror world opened its’ arms to me and I embraced it because it is what I live and breathe.

2. What Scream Queen inspired you most?

My personal favorite Scream Queens are Katheryn Winnick and Julie Benz. I could say Danielle Harris but that is too obvious of a choice. Come on who doesn’t like Danielle Harris! I saw Katheryn Winnick a few years back in Amusement and knew she would be a huge star. There are a few movies she has done where I thought her performance far outshined some other aspect of the films. Plus she was in Hellraiser: Hellworld! As for Julie Benz, she has been in Saw, Dexter, Angel and Buffy. Is there any better acting career then that? I think not!

3. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

Last week I filmed a trailer for an upcoming Paranormal Drama TV show called ‘Absent Witness’. It is based on the true accounts of Karl Petry who has many abilities including speaking with ghosts. I recently starred in two episodes of the Horror Series ‘In Fear Of’, which focuses on different clinical phobias. I think this is going to be a big hit. I actually got to film on my Birthday with B-movie Queen Kaylee Williams! For the project, creator Scott Perry brought in filmmakers such as Larry Carrel of ‘Jacob’ fame and actors such as Debbie Rochon, Suzi Lorraine and Anne Bobby (Nightbreed). So I have a feeling it will be a huge success. Next up I am filming the remake of Vixens of Virtue, Vixens of Vice, The Gilgo Beach Murders, and a film with Debbie Rochon. I have a bunch of acting gigs coming up both in and out of the genre as well as a couple Premieres. Look out for ‘The Sickness’ with Ruby LaRocca and Raine Brown coming soon as well, and the series ‘Flesh For the Beast’ which I worked on in the Art Department and as a Production Assistant.


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*Bio Courtesy of Heather Drew


Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.


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