(CLOSED) Contest: Christmas With The Dead DVD and T-Shirt Combo

ChristmasWithThe DeadFree stuff, free stuff… Everybody loves free stuff…

Christmas With The Dead is a recently released zombie flick brought to you by T.L. Lankford, Joe R. and Keith Lansdale, and Drive-In Movies. The movie follows a man, Calvin, who is one of the only survivors of the zombie apocalypse. The whole end of the world thing has left him with a serious of psychological glitches, and for the past few months his only goal has been to create the best Christmas ever. Follow him as he battles zombies, meets new friends, and tries to regain the spirit of Christmas…in June.

Christmas With The Dead has been available for purchase on for several weeks, but now – thanks to actor Damian Maffei and Fast Custom Shirts – you can get your greedy little hands on a free copy of the movie AND an awesome t-shirt.

Here’s what you have to do… Email me at with Christmas With The Dead as your subject line. Then provide me with your name and address, along with how you would make the best Christmas day with your undead family members. The deadline is Labor Day, September 3, 2013.


Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)