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Viral Bound Review!!

17166700In keepin with the zombie theme, here’s a rather kickass zombie novel for your brain digestion!

BREAKING NEWS: We are reporting live to bring you the news that finally there is a cure to cancer!
BREAKING NEWS: This just in, Atlanta General Hospital as succumb to a deadly virus that has spread through the patients and the staff. In an effort to contain the virus, Atlanta Hospital is issuing a lock down, no one in no one out.

BREAKING NEWS: It appears that the sleepy town of Bear Creek is suffering the same fate as those that were affected by the virus at the Atlanta General Hospital. Widespread panic is taking to the streets as people who have been in contact with the virus appear to be in a zombie state, aimlessly wandering around in search of others to attack and….eat. That’s right, people are attacking and eating each other and it seems the only way to kill these…zombies…is to destroy the brain. We know this much and that the virus can be spread by bite or scratch. As of right now, we are unaware of where this virus came from and so with the speed at which it is spreading person to person there is no sign of a cure. The CDC and the National Guard have issued a red alert….

Survival is key in this zombie novel just like any other zombie book, movie, comic, etc. What I feel sets this zombie book apart, is the way the author unfolds the story. This book reads like a screenplay (and if Hollywood was smart would have used this book to model World War Z after; cause they obviously didn’t go by the actual book anyway) and it flowed amazingly. Waltz ability to capture the human nature of people’s ability to survive is shown throughout the book. When it’s broadcasted that a cure for cancer has been found, the author intertwines texts, blogs, and tweets to the story so that the reader gets a glimpse into what everyone else is feeling and or thinking about this cure. As the news about the cure for cancer is quickly replaced with the fast spreading brain melting virus, Waltz intertwines more blogs on the subject. Thankfully, the author doesn’t overdo it with this tactic but just enough to make the reader really feel like they are a part of what is going on. The characters are well played, Steve, the main character is my favorite but I swear to god I could have reached into this book and strangled Sarah. That slap happy bitch annoyed me from start to finish. It was a minor annoyance given the fact that the author really did a wonderful job of jumping from scene to scene if you will to gives us more and more back story of the virus. His ideas on the virus not affecting animals outright but just making them carriers added to the paranoia of pet owners who didn’t know that a lil rough housing could lead to their own demise. The author illustrates humanity’s different approaches to survival, from looters, to bounty hunters, along with touching on the emotional devastation a virus like this can cause. One of my favorite passages is when Steve is explaining that even if the virus did not completely destroy the person inside, even IF there is some resonance of that person once was, there is no cure, there is only peace, so killing them would take them out of whatever misery they are currently in. I think if more people gave that speech in zombie movies then less people would hesitate at the idea of killing their “loved ones.”

As the story unfolds, Waltz brings you full circle as to where the virus came from and how it was spread. As you read, it is no wonder how the virus spread like wild fire. I enjoyed the ending, I guess…there is a twist, and it was all right, but I think I wanted a bit more of a solid ending. All in all, really impressed with this book.

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Written by Kris Lugosi

Kris Lugosi is an honorary member of the Midnight Society, avid horror fan, horror convention nut, and voracious reader. Obsessed with the 80's B-movie horror genre and looking to introduce you to the seedy, underground world of horror and bizarre fiction.

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