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THE FRIENDLY HORROR REVIEW: A review of modern day Lovecraftian Story Telling

Adobe Photoshop PDFThe Friendly Horror as a stand alone story in this book really completed this collection. The Friendly Horror is a collection of Lovecraft inspired tales eloquently written with an unmistakable passion and voice for the genre. I really enjoy this duos writing style and their ability to keep a very strong Lovecraft voice in all that they write with a modern relateable tone.

THE ODOR: A poem written by Anthony Burdge. This was very beautifully written. The descriptive nature makes you experience the words you are reading which is in my opinion is a very important factor in Lovecraft writing. I want to hear the “electrifying neurons” and the bursting of the gray matter. I want to smell the sweet rose and feel like I am seeing what the author is describing. All my senses were aware and affected by this poem, so I call that a win!

POCKETS: A poem by Jessica Burke. This poem didn’t really do much for me. I’m not a big poetry reader and it’s not my favorite thing to read so one outta two poems ain’t bad.

A GUIDE TO ACCLIMATING NEW FELINES TO THEIR NEW HOME-BEST DONE WITH KITTENS UNDER THE AGE OF 10 MONTHS, CAN BE ADAPTED WITH EASE**: That is a mouthful of a title but a fun one! I liked this story because it reads like a pet manual. It’s a fun story and the title basically gives you the synopsis. However, look out for The Others….we are all familiar with the concept of animals having that 6th sense that senses other worldly phenomena, and you wouldn’t want Mr. Mittens and or Miss Kitty to be stressed out over the presence of THE OTHERS!!! No need to worry though, this story will make sure your kitty acclimates just fine if you follow the simple guidelines.

HUNGRY SNOW: I pictured a setting like THE THING but residential. Snow is nothing to mess with especially when it wants to swallow your existence whole….

KEEPSAKES: This was one of my favorites. Picture the store Obscura (an oddities second hand store of strange and bizarre items) mixed with a dash of 13 Ghosts. What lengths would you go to to procure items that don’t belong to you? What lengths would you go to complete your “collection” and keep it bounded forever in your museum? This story takes on a very eerie serial killer tone and I absolutely love the concept. Parts of it reminded me of the remake of Maniac (very loosely).

CONCERNING THE STORM: An explosion, a husband left legless dying in the hospital, and one women who is being accused of causing the “fire.” The sharp tongued dialogue between Cassie and the “detective” Mr. Pink kept a great pace for this story. The reveal of who Mr. Pink really is is a great twist and deliciously Lovecraftian.

THE FRIENDLY HORROR: Again this is how modern day Lovecraft should read. It was a bit longer than the others and at parts a bit slow and dry with the family tree history being explained but it is all a necessary part of the plot. This is a very original concept for this story and they pull out all the main points and characters of HP Lovecraft’s world and they do it brilliantly. Silas is the main character due to transition very soon, but before he does he must record in detail his families trials and tribulations in their silent battle to become the rulers of this world once again. I love that they detail how The Old Ones use to mate with humans and change them to spread their race. Well instead of this outdated ritual Silas’s family has been making special ice cream flavors with ingredients that accelerate the process in humans without the messy mating of creatures and humans. Burdge and Burke describe the transition and journey to Y’ha-nthlei the way C.S. Lewis describes Narnia.

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Jessica Burke and Anthony Burdge, in my opinion, should never stop writing Lovecraft fiction. If there is any more of their stories out there, you can bet that I will be reading them. I am true fan of this duo and the ability to modernize Lovecraft yet keep the tone we Lovecraftians hold so dear.

For more on this duo check em out at: Myth Ink Books

Written by Kris Lugosi

Kris Lugosi is an honorary member of the Midnight Society, avid horror fan, horror convention nut, and voracious reader. Obsessed with the 80's B-movie horror genre and looking to introduce you to the seedy, underground world of horror and bizarre fiction.


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  1. Thank you so very much for this, it is so very much appreciated and we are very grateful. It is the most comprehensive view of the collection thus far. You are an amazing reviewer & inspiration to keep going.
    Anthony and Jessica

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