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(CLOSED) Horror Society’s Holiday Giveaway!!!


Are you stressing out as the holidays approach and you have no idea what you want to get those you love or are you a greedy and want to find something amazing for yourself?  Then look no further.  Your friends here at Horror Society has partnered with several other production companies, indie directors, and film distributors to put together a special holiday prize package for 5 lucky people.  Horror Society will be giving one lucky winner a prize consisting of 8 DVD, 1 VHS, two posters, and a random assortment of buttons, stickers, and magnets.  We will also be giving away 4 smaller packages consisting of 3 DVDs.  This contest will go for one week and all you have to do is tell me what your favorite horror movie (or movies) is and why.  Leave your answer below or you can answer via Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #HorrorSociety.

For the big prize we have partnered with Wild Eye Releasing, Dustin Mills Productions, Mass Grave Pictures, MVD Entertainment, C.R.P.I. and Slasher Studios.
The prize includes:

  • Don’t Go to the Reunion DVD – Slasher Studios
  • Bath Salt Zombies DVD – MVD
  • Blood Slaughter Massacre Trailer Preview VHS – Mass Grave Pictures
  • Vault of Terror DVD – MVD
  • Mold! DVD – Wild Eye
  • Race War: The Remake DVD – Wild Eye
  • The Attack of the Brain People DVD – Mass Grave Pictures
  • Exhumed DVD – Wild Eye
  • The Puppet Monster Massacre DVD (Bonus prize) – Dustin Mills Productions
  • Blood Slaughter Massacre Poster – Mass Grave Pictures
  • The Attack of the Brain People Poster – Mass Grace Pictures
  • C.R.P.I. Greatest Haunts Season 1 CD-Rom – C.R.P.I.


If you do not win the amazing prize above you will still have a chance to win 1 of the 4 smaller prizes which includes the following 3 DVDs. (See the picture below.)

  • Exhumed
  • Race War: The Remake
  • Mold!


This contest will run until December 2nd.  Then we will pick a winner for the big prize, as well as, the 4 smaller prizes.  If you do not win I highly recommend you check out the links above for some quality entertainment.  Good luck!

Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.