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(CLOSED) Sleaze Box Needs Your Help to Name Their New Film!


The people behind the YouTube channel Sleaze Box and the controversial team that brought you sick bastards Amerikan Holokaust is at it again with an all new anthology film.  Unfortunately, they are too drunk (or high) to think of a name and need you to come up with one.  Sleaze Box posted a video earlier today explaining everything fully and all you have to do is watch it below and head over to here to leave your response.  The link for the video also has this to say about the contest:

The Sleaze Box has a new film coming out, but we need your help in naming it. The film is an anthology featuring 8 stories. Watch the trailer on this video, share it with your friends and help come up with a title to our brand new movie!

The winner will get a free DVD of the film when it is released plus a special thanks in the credits of the film and on IMDb. You will also get a DVD copy of The Sleaze Box Seasons 1 and 2 and Amerikan Holokaust DVD and poster.

The winner will be announced one from when this video is posted.

Good luck and thank you for supporting The Sleaze Box!

So check out the video below and head over to leave the title you think the film should be called.  Good luck!


Written by Blacktooth

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