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Mike O’Mahony and Rob Dimension of You’ve Been Robbed Films RABBIT HOLE Crowd Funding Promotion


“RABBIT HOLE is the story of a young Mother named Dottie, who upon waking, discovers her child is missing. For Dottie, the true nightmares happen when she isn’t sleeping. Can she be saved? If so, saved from who or what? May HE have mercy on her soul.”


View the Pitch Video, read the Perks and most importantly, DONATE to what will be an amazing project, PLEASE CLICK HERE!

As recent guest on The Calling Hours Horror Podcast on HSR, Indie film makers Mike O’Mahony and Rob Dimension discussed their upcoming project Rabbit Hole. As of today, they have started their own fundraising project for the film, and you can help! From their press release:


“Philadelphia filmmakers Mike O’Mahony and Rob Dimension are preparing to join forces and bring their newest concept, RABBIT HOLE to your screens. Both, fresh off of current successes; Dimension with BAGGAGE and O’Mahony with a DARK PLACE INSIDE, now focus their attention to this short film that deals with Family, Loss and Beliefs. Questioning your own beliefs is common for everyone; this film will make you question your own decisions. Filming will take place in Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey in April, May and June.”

Dimension and O’Mahony have stated they feel this will be a perfect fit for those who miss the Midnight Movies that helped build the cinema going experience in the 70’s. Both have strong influences to grittiness and are no strangers to real horror. With your help, O’Mahony and Dimension can make this film a reality. Rob Dimension has organized two successful crowd funding campaigns in the past with his films BAGGAGE and NO CLOWNING AROUND.

Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.