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Slink comes to home video, VHS tapes released


To celebrate the critically acclaimed horror film that ranked #8 in More Horror’s Top 20 Horror Films of 2013, Frolic Pictures has announced that they have teamed with Van Swall Media Group to successfully release a small batch of one thousand VHS tapes for Slink.

Jared Masters started his career producing skateboarding videos on VHS in 2000 and apparently misses the nostalgia of home video static lines enough to release his twisted horror-drama on it, for the special VHS hoarding persons of the globe.

Tapes are already popping up on eBay, along with his 2012 exploitation picture 8 Reels of Sewage.

Slink summery:
In the rural town of Wickenhaven, a psychotic tanning salon owner is responsible for the disappearances of many young, innocent girls, while his wife, an exotic purse designer, is willing to overlook his evil nature.

Stars: Julia Faye West, Danika Galindo, Art Roberts and Dawna Lee Heising. Produced by Frolic Pictures and Dismal Productions.

Slink won an EOTM award and also is getting an Honorary Mention at Shockfest this year, where his newest horror film Teachers’ Day will hold its world premiere.

Don’t miss this opportunity to own this rare novelty item that will be hard to find in years to come.



Written by Mitchell Wells

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