DEADLY REVISIONS Dynamic Duo Bill Oberst, Jr. and Gregory Blair hit the Hollywood Horror Fest

12286353-deadlyrevisionsposterActor/Writer/Director Gregory Blair and Actor Bill Oberst, Jr. join the list of celebrities hitting the red carpet to honor Joe Dante and Dick Miller at the opening night of the Hollywood Horror Fest.

EOTM Award winning Gregory Blair and Emmy Award winning Bill Oberst, Jr.–two of the driving forces behind the festival-headed “Deadly Revisions”–will be hitting the red carpet at the opening night of the Hollywood Horror Fest, Friday March 28th, 2014.

Oberst, Jr. and Blair make quite the duo since Blair penned and directed PIX/SEE Productions’ horror/psychological thriller “Deadly Revisions” and Oberst, Jr. plays the lead–an amnesiac horror film writer for whom hypnotherapy reveals terrifying images that just can’t be real.  Or can they?

Oberst, Jr. takes the lead in many creepy and/or bloody films, including Jourdan McClure’s “Children of Sorrow”, Trevor Juenger’s “Coyote” and Richard Schenkman’s “Abraham Lincoln vs. Zombies”.  He and Blair are also rumored to be paired again in scribe Cheryl Compton’s “Evil’s Toy” as well as “The Straying”, another dark script Blair has created especially for the two of them.

As a writer, Blair has another film in pre-production, currently in England:  “Heretiks”–

a creepy tale about a dark secret kept behind the walls of a convent.  As an actor, he makes a Hitchcock-like cameo in “Deadly Revisions” and is shooting roles for Steve Oakley’s “Natural Born Filmmaker” as well as season 3 of Leon Acord’s “Old Dogs & New Tricks”.  You can also catch him recurring as Wierd Wendell on “Love That Girl”.

The HHF festivities include the red carpet and a screening of Joe Dante’s “The Howling”, after which Mr. Dante and Dick Miller will receive honorary awards.  The evening is a fundraiser for the Vincent Price Art Museum.  Blair and Oberst, Jr. are thrilled to be a part of the evening.  And, at least this time, the carpet on which they tread won’t be red due to any spilled blood.

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