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(CLOSED) Horror Society’s March Giveaway!


In December I put together a great contest that included some amazing prizes and all you fine folks had to do was answer a question.  Simple enough right?  Well this time I am back with another great giveaway and the same rules apply.  All you have to do is answer a simple question.  However, before we get that far into it I want to take a moment to let you know what all you can win!

In this giveaway everyone is entered to win the following:


Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony (courtesy of MVD Visual)
Race War: The Remake (courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing)
Exhumed (courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing)
I Spill Your Guts (courtesy of Acid Bath Productions)
Cool As Hell (courtesy of Acid Bath Productions)
Mold! (courtesy of Wild Eye Releasing)
Cross Bearer – signed by director Adam Ahlbrandt (courtesy of Adversary Films)
Swamphead (courtesy of Briarwood Entertainment)

Along with the DVDs the package will also include buttons, stickers, and magnets from Briarwood Entertainment and Mass Grave Pictures, along with a poster and t-shirt (xxl) for the film Bloodsucka Jones and a CD-ROM of C.R.P.I.‘s Greatest Haunts season 1.

All that will be included in one big package but if you don’t win it don’t lose all hope because there will be a second much smaller package to be given away.  This third package will include the following:

DVDs –

Race War: The Remake

Included with the DVDs above will be another poster for the film Bloodsucka Jones.


Now, this is where the giveaway gets exciting.  If you wish to enter the contest and win either prize package then you will have to email and answer the question.  These answers will then be forwarded to a special guest that will be picking two winners at random.  This guest judge will not know who the answer is from and will be picking completely at random.  Both will be announced via email, Horror, and the Horror Society Facebook page.

This special guest who will pick both winners is director Adam Ahlbrandt.  Ahlbrandt has directed The Burnt House, The Cemetery, and Cross Bearer (which is part of the giveaway).  Now, for that question.  Adam wants to know what your first horror experience was and keep in mind me and him alike enjoy a good laugh.  So email (use the subject “contest”) and let me know what the first horror experience that you remember!  Good luck.

This contest will end April 1st at midnight!



Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.