Creature Found Near Cape Town, South Africa.


What the Hell is that? I’m a wilderness explorer with a penchant for beaches and oceans, but even I would be a little weary of testing the waters of South Africa after finding that!

The creature is making headlines after being discovered by Facebook user Leandra V [last name I’m not including] and shared with News 24. She posted the photo [pictured above] on the social networking site with the caption, “Can someone please tell me what the Hell this is? We picked it up on the beach at De Kelder.” Leandra, a Massachusetts resident, discovered the aquatic cryptid while on vacation just last week.

South African Institute for Aquatic Biodiversity spokesman Alan Whitfield is unaware of the true origins of the creature, and even casts doubt on it being from the sea. He noted the lack of fins and gills in the picture as reason to believe it was something other than a fish. Some theories guess that it is a dried up Klipsuier (“Rock Sucker”) or Angler Fish.

However, The Koeberg Power Station is located only a short distance away. Maybe this crytpid is the result of a new species spawned from radiation in the water. Whether it has a natural explanation or it’s fake, without a doubt it is certainly creepy!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)