Fundraising: The Red Suit


SYNOPSIS: Seeking a cure for her sister Ally’s fatal illness, Star seeks help from two mysterious men who offer a very unconventional and dangerous remedy. Through the power of a mysterious red suit, they must pull the disease killing Ally into the physical world and destroy it. But when things go wrong, the disease is now on the loose to infect and devour everyone in it’s path back to it’s original host.

WHO WE ARE: We are a professional independent film company specializing in the horror genre. We have several internationally released feature films and several short films. Our work has been featured in HorrorHound Magazine, Fangoria Magazine as well as other online publications.

Our most recent project was an official adaption for Stephen King’s “The Things They Left Behind”. It has been screened worldwide and has received great reviews. The film featured a great cast of upcoming talented actors including Caitlyn Fletcher, Chris Gonzalez and Michael J Panichelli jr. who went on to co-star with Robert De Niro, Michelle Pfeiffer and Tommy Lee Jones in The Family (2013).

WHAT’S OUR GOAL: We LOVE film, especially horror films! We want to be able to produce a great film that can both entertain and scare our audiences.


WHY JUST $1,000?: Well in all honesty we would love to raise at least $5,000 to cover a decent amount of compensation for cast and crew. $1k however is the bare minimum of what we need to at least get food and drinks on set. A fed worker is a happy worker :). Anything over that would go directly into the cast & crew’s pockets to help cover some of their expenses. Equipment and locations are locked in, so all the funds will go to the people making The Red Suit happen.

PRACTICAL EFFECTS! Yes, no CGI gore or CGI monsters. What you will see will be 99.999999% shot in camera SFX and Monster puppeteering. With the exception of a few little CGI tricks, the majority of what you see on screen will be shot on camera.

$5 – production backer credit in film credits
$10 – download of feature film, and the above
$15 – PDF of the script, and all of the above
$25 – DVD copy of feature film, and all of the above
$50 – Blu-ray copy of feature film, and all of the above
$75 – three passes to private screening, and all of the above
$100 – associate producer credit in the film credits, and all of the above
$200 – co-executive producer credit, and the $75 tier and above
$500 – executive producer credit, a walk on role, and the $75 tier and above
$1,000 – producer credit, minor role in the film, invite to the wrap party, and the $75 tier and above

Click here to donate to The Red Suit!
Click here to donate to The Red Suit!
Click here to donate to The Red Suit!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)