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The Christine Copycat: Cursed Car Kills 36 People?


Has anyone ever heard this story? Hoax or legitimately cursed? It’s cool to think about either way.

Christine, a horror novel by Stephen King, was released in 1983 with a feature film adaption coming in the same year by John Carpenter. Christine follows the story of a supernaturally possessed vintage car that kills…well, just about anyone who comes in contact with it.

As strange as the concept sounds (please, I love the movie!), a 1964 Limited Edition Dodge 300 is rumored to be killing people.

It all started sometime in the 80s or 90s when the car was first re-purchased with the intent to become a police vehicle. Shortly after, the car was resold after all three of the officers commanding the vehicle passed away in murder-suicides. Once the reputation of the cursed car spread across the small town in Maine, a church group took it upon themselves to rid the evil plaguing their town…by trying to smash it to pieces. Well, as luck would have it, every one of those church goers died in bizarre accidents after their vandalism attempt.

But it doesn’t stop there. Apparently, if you’re even too close to the 1964 Dodge bad things happen to you. Several teens were apparently struck by other vehicles and just so happened to land either on the car or underneath the bumper. Another teen, having touched the car as part of a dare, later killed several members of his family and burnt their home to the ground.

However, current owner, Wendy Allens hasn’t noticed anything out of the ordinary when it comes to her car. She’s told another website, “It’s just a car that’s been passed down in my family for years, and people are reading too much into the things that have happened to people around the car, because: look at me, my family, my friends, we are fine, aren’t we? If the car was hell bent on killing everyone, well, why isn’t everyone dead?“

Without any official confirmation – police records, newspaper clippings – it’s hard to tell whether this story is a hoax or something truly bizarre!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)