Amber’s Haunt


The debut presentation from Disturbed Girl Productions is a short film (a feature-length version for release this year is currently in motion) by Joe James, the man behind barbaric-electro artist Himuro Mansion.

“Amber’s Haunt” tells the story of Billie Amber, an 18-year-old girl drifting aimlessly as she struggles to deal with the aftermath of her father’s death.

While her friends move on with their lives, she remains tied to her mother, Agatha, who herself is trapped in a mental vortex, unable to cope with the loss.

One evening, Billie is sifting through her father’s belongings when she discovers a tattered photo album containing pictures of the bar her parents used to manage. It is clear that the bar was in fact a seedy strip club called “Amber’s Haunt”.

Angry and confused about her parents’ deception, she decides to investigate the club. It is a decision that will trigger a psychological nightmare that threatens to engulf and destroy her.

Joe James

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