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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Tianna Nori


Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Tianna Nori

10526698_944597902236525_1047663743_n“Tianna Nori grew up in the city of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario where she discovered her love of performing at the very young age of 7 when she became involved with community theatre and public speaking. In 2006 Tianna auditioned and was accepted into the exclusive acting program at The University of British Columbia where she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours degree in Acting. Tianna’s theatre accolades during that time saw her in a variety of roles, working on nine main stage shows.

Having completed her studies, Tianna moved to Toronto in 2010 when she was offered the position to Host ‘Lights! Camera! Action! Canada’. At this time she was also cast in her first supporting role as Liz Pace in ‘Dual Suspects’, aired on Global. In 2011, Long Valley Productions signed Tianna to be the Co-Host of ‘Last Bride Standing’; aired in the U.S.A on ‘WeTV’. In 2012 Tianna became the sole Host for the show as well as taking on the role of Co-Executive Producer. 2012 also saw Nori cast in her first lead role in the feature film ‘Clean Break’, Directed by Tricia Lee (GS Productions & Dark Hope Entertainment) winning best Drama Feature at the Atlanta Horror Film Festival 2013. Also in 2013 Tianna worked with Buck Productions to associate produce the Canadian hit television series ‘The Project – Guatemala’ (OLN and CITY). In the fall of 2013, Nori auditioned and was accepted into Second City’s Conservatory where she currently trains and performs on a weekly basis.

So far in 2014, Tianna can be seen in ‘Clean Break’, directed by Tricia Lee (Available now on VOD/itune) ‘Inspiration’, directed by Jason Armstrong (Skeleton Key Films), ‘Fast Train’, directed by Roy Bartell (Rival 5 Entertainment), ‘Shattered Worlds’, directed by Alex Sikorsky (Potential Productions/Dark Hope Entertainment) and ‘Club Utopia’, directed by Frank A. Caruso (Caruso Visual Productions). Tianna has recently been cast in the following films for 2014: ‘The Demolisher’ as Samantha, directed by Gabriel Carrer (Latefox Pictures Inc.) and Save Yourself as Sasha Tobin, directed by Ryan M. Andrews (Post City Sound).

Tianna recognizes the need to combine her talent for presentation with her passion to work on social and humanitarian issues. When Tianna isn’t filming you can find her working for ‘Me To We’ as an International Trip Facilitator and supporting/volunteering with ‘Free The Children’, ‘Project Somos’ and ‘The Humane Society’. With so much love and vitality, Tianna continues to raise the bar in her expectations of herself. This quality allows her to excel in areas of as well as her personal endeavors. “It is only through experience that you can understand and only through understanding can you affect change.” – T.N”*


Location: Toronto, Canada. However I grew up in the beautiful small city of Sault. Ste Marie. ON.

1. How did you get into the industry?

Ever since I was 3 years old I knew I wanted to act. My first audition and role was for the musical Annie. All throughout school I was involved in theatre and then went to The University of British Columbia where I graduated with a BFA in Acting. From there my heart was not only in the theatre but also in film. My first lead role in a feature film was ‘Clean Break’ directed by Tricia Lee which is now available on iTunes & VOD.

2. What Actor inspired you most?

I am inspired by artists in general who aren’t scared to look completely ‘ugly’ on film (and I rarely use that word). What I mean by that are actors who are willing to take risks and dive into different character without doubt or fear and surrender themselves to the role at hand. Artists who create a character where them themselves may not be recognizable. A prime memorable example of this is Charlize Theron in ‘Monster’, directed by Patty Jenkins. What an amazingly studied deep performance with such heart, soul, sweat and tears poured into it. That to me is inspiring!

3. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

The Demolisher’ directed by Gabriel Carrer and ‘Save Yourself’ directed by Ryan M. Andrews. Both are completely different characters.

In ‘The Demolisher’, I play Samantha, an ex cop who was brutally beaten by a gang. I end up in a wheelchair with an incomplete spinal cord injury. This leads my loving husband Bruce (played by Ry Barrett) wanting revenge and justice for what was done to me.

In Save Yourself, I play a fun edgy partying gothic rocker chic who is an actress. The movie follows five women on a road trip to L.A to screen their horror film. They stop at a rest stop along the way and one goes missing. Their anticipated fun road trip takes a turn for the worse.

Both projects are challenging in different ways and I am beyond stoked to be given the opportunity to be on board and a part of both of them!

When I’m not acting or producing I work for an organization that I truly believe in called MeToWe as an International Trip Facilitator. My job is to bring youth around the world to help make a difference by building schools and bringing opportunity to those in need. My job is to not only bring them to destinations to create change but to bring the change back to their home country and for them to ‘be the change they want to see in the world’ as a whole. It is my true other passion and I feel honoured and blessed to work for such an amazing organization. I encourage everyone to get involved, check out the website and be the change! (


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*Bio Info Courtesy of Tianna Nori

Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.