Gnome Caught on Video by PA Trail-cam?

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We haven’t had a good cryptozoology article here lately. I searched and searched and searched, but this was unfortunately the only news story I could find. It was originally posted on earlier this week. It says:

“August 21, 2014 – Hello, my name is Keith Sn——. I am an author, screenwriter, and researcher from Pittsburgh. My writing is geared toward the paranormal/supernatural. (You can go on Amazon and type my name in the search bar to see my books).

I’m writing to ask you if you have had any reports come in of any gnomes/trolls or any other mythological and/or cryptid forest creatures like a brownie in the northeast US – particularly western Pennsylvania.

The reason is because I have a cabin north of Pittsburgh where I enjoy the summer months. I have a game camera set up in the woods to capture images of the abundance wildlife in the area. I’ve been using one for over 20 years now. Three weeks ago, after checking my camera, I discovered a series of three images of a creature I have NEVER seen before. The images were taken consecutively and 1-second apart. It is not a leaf in the foreground or any type of weed or plant. My camera detects heat and motion, so whatever this was, it gave off heat and also moved.”

What do you guys think? The character in the images appears to have a face, scrawny legs, a hat and arms. Could be a really good photoshop or even some sort of large butterfly. Or maybe, just maybe, it’s a gnome! (this is sarcasm, by the way.)

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)