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‘Killer Mermaid’ Swims to DVD and VOD Next Weekend!

killermermaidIt’s unexpected, but mermaids have really been making a…splash…ok…comeback over the last two years. Wait, were they ever a ‘thing’ to begin with? Ever since that mock-doc Mermaids: The Body Found was released in 2012 and watched by almost two million people, it kind of kickstarted the film world’s fascination with half fish/half human creatures from mythology.

One of the first narrative films – and a horror flick no less – to come out about mermaids is…Killer Mermaid. It is going by Nymph in other countries, too. Killer Mermaid is unrated and hitting beginning next weekend, Saturday, September 9, 2014. You can click here to pre-order your copy of the DVD on It will also be available on certain On Demand outlets.

“Two American girls travel to Montenegro on vacation to visit an old friend. While there they decide to venture to Mamula, an abandoned military fortress located on a remote island. During their exploration of the fortress they discover that they are not alone. Someone else is on the island with them and he will stop at nothing to protect it’s secrets. There is a darkness hidden beneath the island and the terror has just begun.”

Killer Mermaid is written by Marko Backovic, Barry Keating, and Milan Konjevic with Milan Todorovic as director. Cast members include Kristina Klebe (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, Zone of the Dead), Franco Nero (Die Hard 2, Django Unchained), Natalie Burn (The Fear Chamber), Dragan Micanovic (Layer Cake), Miodrag Krstovic (Open Sea), and Mina Sablic.

Killer Mermaid was filmed in Montenegro and Serbia, so it has a foreign but exotic feel to it. I’m definitely going to place it on my must by list.

Michael DeFellipo

(Senior Editor)

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