A Third Loch Monster? Nessie’s Cousin Spotted in Windermere, UK.


Amateur photographer Elle Williams is releasing a picture that she claims to show proof of the existence of a Loch Monster. Now, keep in mind that this is not the legendary Nessie – I’m going to call the new “discovery” her cousin – because the lake district where the new creature was photographed is named as Windermere, UK, which is about 111 miles from lake Loch Ness. Although Nessie is rumored to stray from the lake on occasion, I think it’s a little illogical that she would make a new home so far away. But then again, is there anything about an unclassified cryptid that screams logical?

At first glance the image seems fake to me. Not only is it a little silly because of the big red circle highlighting Nessie’s cousin – I mean, how could we miss it? – but it just screams “to good to be true!” I think the photo lends itself to typical photoshopping elements, looking almost out of place with the rest of the picture. Almost like CGI, if you will. However, once I got a good look at the far away shot, it looks a little more realistic. The fog rolling in off the water could account for the different textures varying in the picture.

Williams, 24, was taking pictures at the lake in an attempt to capture to the beautifully changing colors as nature turns from summer to fall. Apparently, she didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary until she returned home and reviewed the images. She’s quoted as saying, “I thought it might have been a swan or goose… I’m open to suggestions as to what the creature could be.”

This is the third Loch Monster sighting of 2014. The first was in April when the GoogleMaps app picked up mysterious images on their satellite. Also in April, another sighting of a different sea serpent occurred in Suffolk, UK.

Like Bigfoot, I think that Loch Monsters are one of the more believable cryptid stories. Is it so hard to believe that Nessie and her extended family members are dinosaurs that survived extinction by living at the bottom of deep lakes? I don’t think these pictures are going in the books as proof, but maybe one day there will be a sighting that will silence all the doubters.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)