Slender Man-Like Creature Video Taped AGAIN.

With all of these unfortunate attacks and attempted murders from kids blaming The Slender Man as their co-conspirator, people have started to wonder if the CreepyPasta character is more than just fiction. Well, a newly released video is adding a little more credibility to this claim…as for a second time, a Slender Man-like creature has been video taped scaling the walls of tall buildings in Russia.

I’ve attached the first video and the newly released video from 10/04/2014 below.

My thoughts? I think CGI is definitely at work here. Both times The Slender Man is climbing the walls of apartment buildings, you see no structural damage to the building at all. Also, you don’t think people would notice this huge spider-like thing right outside their window? I’m calling this one a very elaborate, drawn out hoax.

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)