Charles Manson’s got nothing on Charles Rainer in “Vicious Thunder”

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I was able to stop by his latest film, Vicious Thunder, a few months ago and despite only being a background extra in one scene, I got the sense that the film is going to be interesting to horror fans…especially horror fans who are equally supportive of action films. I feel like, upon completion, people are going to compare Vicious Thunder as the love-child of Helter Skelter and Terminator.

Currently, Vicious Thunder is in the middle of principal photography, but the team of Bradco Productions and New Needle Films are beginning to start the promo train towards getting more eyes on their project. A series of promotional videos are also in the works, ones that will be released every other month on video hosting site Vimeo. You can find the latest video at the bottom of this post.

Vicious Thunder is written and directed by Bible Belt Slasher creator Bradley Creanzo. Derek Rafanello is on board as cinematographer with Jay Emery handling the crucial aspect of special effects. Confirmed cast members in this feature include Creanzo, Ben Bunce (Infested), Noelle Hedgcock, Melissa Damas (“Ghetto Nerd Girl”), Micheal Armstrong Barr, Thomas Ryan (Day 9), Christopher J. Murphy (“Zombie Hunters”), Tom O’Brien, Samantha Quintana (Blood Slaughter Massacre), Stephen Steinberg, Sarah Elizabeth Chapin, Andie Hall, and Susan Adriensen (Sculpture).

In Vicious Thunder, “Charles Rainer is about to be sentenced for his crimes; however, his group of all female cult followers have other plans when they siege the city hall building massacring almost everyone within. A deadly cat and mouse game erupts when a group of security guards take Rainer hostage and try to use him in order to survive the night against the cult girls trying to break him out of the courthouse. With no power and little hope a night of justice turns into a night of death!”

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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