$kumbagz (Review)



Director – John Miller (Make Them Die Sleazy)
Starring – Krystal Pixie Adams (Naughty Dirty Nasty), Bob Glazier (Amerikan Holokaust), and Jules Sceiro (Rat Catching)
Release Date – 2015
Rating – 3/5

My love for movies is not contained in just one genre.  Sure, horror is and always will be my favorite genre but I do enjoy films from other genres as well.  However, I sometimes want to push genres aside and watch something raunchy and sleazy with a story that is not too complex and beautiful women who feel more comfortable nude than wearing clothes.  When I’m in the mood for such a film I have many avenues to venture down.  I can find me a good exploitation flick from the 70s and 80s or I can pop in an erotic horror flick.  Or I can do like most people do now and grab a Sleaze Box film.

Recently, the Sleaze Box reached out to me to check out their newest film $kumbagz.  Within the last three weeks I have watched and reviewed just as many Sleaze Box films so I agreed to check it out.  After watching Naughty Dirty Nasty I could only imagine what sins and perversions I was about to feast my eyes on.


**Spoiler Alert**The film follows a young and beautiful young woman who works at a fast food restaurant and lives with her parents.  However, one day she is fired because she wouldn’t blow her boss while shoving a cucumber up his ass.  She starts walking home and is picked up by a really nice man and he talks her into going back to his place.  Once there he forces her into prostitution.  It is through him that she meets a pimp and drug pusher (portrayed by director John Miller) and he takes her away from her man and turns her into a more high class piece of pussy.

Things start to look up for the young lady until a local gang hears about him moving in on their turf.  They beat her pimp and gang rape her but it is far from over.  The two refuse to sit there and not do nothing so they grab some guns and head out to kill them all.  They succeed but the pimp pays a high price.**Spoiler Alert**

When I sit down to watch a film from the Sleaze Box I know that I can throw sanity out the window.  Most of their films are nightmare inducing and most take place in scenes that are very dream-like.  They always have Dario Argento-esque lighting and always pushes the limits of the perverse and disgusting.  $kumbagz did not disappoint at all and has everything that Sleaze Box is known more.

The acting in this film is solid and is more traditional than the previous Sleaze Box films that I have checked out in the past.  Most of the scenes unfold like a normal film which is something that the Sleaze Box is not known for.  However, by having the film flowing like this we get to see how much talent this cast has which is really surprising.  The entire cast is perfect.

The story for this one is a little more complex when compared to past releases which is another aspect that really surprised me.  The story feels more like a crime drama but filled to the top with sleaze and beautiful women.  If this is a new direction John and Chris are going with their films then I fully support it!

Finally, the film does have a few on screen kills.  Though they are nothing new or amazing they are still fun and make the film enjoyable.  The special effects are not that great but the kills were filmed in a way that it did not take away from them.  Overall, $kumbagz is an erotic and degrading film that is hard to look away from.  Fans of raunchy films will really enjoy this one.  Check it out!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.