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New Movie ‘Infected’ Announced Along With Indiegogo Campaign, Trailer, and New Images


I recently become acquainted with producer and owner of Legless Corpse Films where he filled me in about an upcoming film he was producing simply titled Infected.  This is not to be confused withe zombie film starring Michael Madsen.  He was nice enough to send me a press release on the film along with several photos, trailer, and a link to their current Indiegogo campaign.  Check that out below:

INFECTED – After the accident, Rebecca discovers herself in a very different world than she remembers. Plagued by her patchy memory and self-doubt she fends for herself. She encounters Gary who tells her a terrifying story of his escape from the local jail. Can Rebecca trust Gary? Can she cope with what she learns? Can she survive in the world of the ‘Infected’. INFECTED is a short horror film.

The Cast

Rosie Pearson is a great actress from Australia and has been in a few horror movies recently including; Crying Wolf and Cute Little Buggers.

Darren Kent is an established actor and director who has made a name for himself through directing his new film, Abusing Protocol and starring in the amazing “Games of Thrones”

The Crew

Jason Wright – Director

Kirsty Richardson – AD / Producer
Jeremy Hellion – Scriptwriter
Associate Producers Chad Armstrong & Andrew Thompson (LeglessCorpse Films)



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