Women in Horror: Tricia Lee

5yvgyf9xOver the past few days I’ve been promoting women in horror and have mostly spread word about talented women who have been leading the pack for decades or are currently having some sort of mainstream success. So, for this post I’d like to recognize a woman who is just coming into her own and is one to watch for in the future.

Tricia Lee is an award winning filmmaker and the president of A Film Monkey Production LLC, a film studio located in Toronto, Canada. Equipped with her Bachelor’s Degree in Media & Film from York University, Tricia began her career in the film industry in the year 2000. As with every other aspiring director, she started at the bottom of the ladder and began taking gigs as a production assistant on a variety of short films. One such title, Cube Zero (2004), must have set off a light bulb in her head and got her thinking, “Wow, I’d like to do a horror meets scifi-thriller like this sometime in the future!”

Fast forward to 2014 and Lee released her first feature length title, the now award winning creature-feature Silent Retreat. Lee served as writer, producer, and director. Silent Retreat follows Janey, “who is sent to a silent meditation retreat, in the woods, for rehabilitation, only to realize that the men who run it are brainwashing women, and if she breaks the rules, she’ll discover what lurks beyond the trees.” The film hit VOD outlets in September 2014 and is now available on DVD through Black Fawn Distribution.

Invigorated by the success and support she received from our favorite genre, Tricia Lee has another horror film – One Drop – due to be released in 2016.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)