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Lia Scott Price’s comic book series, Vampire Guardian Angels, to return soon with issue #5.

vga5cover150forwebLia Scott Price’s Vampire Guardian Angels Comic Book Series Issue 5: It’s Coming.

Vampire Guardian Angels is a horror-action comic book series that’s definitely for vampire purists who prefer their vampires bloody and brutal. In addition, it’s an “atheist, controversial, too extreme for the mainstream, dark, borderline sacrilegious, underground indie comic book that questions why we rely on higher powers to save us, and could those entities be evil.” That’s quite a mouthful.

Los Angeles-based writer and Vampire Guardian Angels comic book creator Lia Scott Price took the vampire genre one step further with her unique breed of vampire, a refreshingly new and original storyline, and a disturbing twist. Her Vampire Guardian Angels are a homicidal, scary hybrid of an everyday guardian angel and a serial-killing vampire who can only target and feed off people who pray to guardian angels for help. In the comic books, if you pray to a guardian angel in despair, you never know what it is you’re summoning. It could be one of her vampires, equipped with sharp weapons, who like to slash their victims in half.

Sneak Peak at Issue #5

“When people get desperate, they’ll pray to anything to save them. But do you know who answers? What if it was one of my bloodthirsty slasher Vampire Guardian Angels who really don’t feel like saving any of you, btw,” says Price.

“Vampire Guardian Angels: Rule of Blood” is the 5th issue in the series and the 3rd year of publication for Price’s comic books. The comic series is drawn by Missouri-based artists Andrew Setter and colorist Chad Hammontree. This long-distance creative team, who work together digitally, has produced a blood-splattered, visually appealing, black, white and red film noir-style, action-packed comic series that will appeal to vampire aficionados who like the old school classic vampire: fearsome, hideous, violent and bloodthirsty. This is definitely not a romantic vampire comic book.

Price also features cameos of local metal bands and personalities in her comic books. She turns them into vampires, all just for fun of course, and it’s her way of helping support, promote and honor the local metal scene of which she is a fan. “Some pages needed a band or background characters, so I thought, why not put my friends’ bands in, as vampires? That would be so metal!” Local Los Angeles band Sacred Ruins (US), metal promoters Metal Invictus, and local photographer/videographer Adrian Mejia of Metal Warzone will have cameos in the comic book.

“Guardian Angels as evil vampires is a terrifying concept. It may turn people off, but then again, this is horror. It makes you think: who am I really asking for help from? But that’s what a vampire is supposed to be: disturbing, nightmarish, and creeps you out. I would like to think that this would be a definition of a truly evil vampire, something that comes in the form of something supposedly good, but does something so horrific.”

Issue 5 is set for publication around March-April 2015.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)