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John Wells “A Force To Be Reckoned With”


I recently was able to do a brief interview with John Wells. John is an amazing actor who is really bringing it to the Horror and Independent Scene

1. How did you start doing film?

I was always a film geek. I grew up obsessed with movies and film making, even as a kid. Acting, being a part of these amazing productions, these were dreams, but living in Kentucky, I never believed them to be realistically obtainable.

That was until 2006, when I was approached by a local indie film producer who asked me to screen test for a feature that was in development at the time. I landed the role, immediately fell in love with acting and the film making machine, and was introduced to the independent film circuit. From there I started networking and gaining experience.

2. What horror films are you known for?

Most notably would probably be Overtime, Piranha Sharks, and The Penny Dreadful Picture Show. All of which are really more in the Comedy/Horror arena

3. What makes a project stand out?

There are a lot of important factors, a strong story, interesting and well defined characters, the visual elements, quality and professionalism of the production, chemistry of cast and crew, and of course the care and passion of those involved. What really makes a project special, to stand out, is when all of those pieces fall into place creating a well balanced piece of art. When you assemble a full team of highly talented people who collectively work together to build something greater than the sum of it’s parts, something everyone involved with can care about and be proud of, that’s when magic happens.

4. What’s your favorite thing about acting?

The escapism.
I was the kid who was always off playing super hero, knight, wizard, Jedi, whatever, putting myself in fantastical situations as far away from the real world as my mind could carry me. As an adult, that hasn’t changed at all.

5. Where can we find out more about you?

Alright everyone , be on the look out for this guy because he is going to be explosive on this scene!

With love, Shana Rae