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Exclusive Giveaway: MUCK DVD Prize Pack!

muck blu-rayAfter months of anticipation the sexy, gory indie shocker MUCK is finally going to hit the public. The madness begins on March 13th, when the horror film starring scream king Kane Hodder and 2012 Playboy Playmate of the Month Jaclyn Swedberg hits select theaters nationwide. This release, courtesy of Anchor Bay Entertainment, will be followed by a March 17th full DVD, Blu-ray, and VOD debut. MUCK is the directorial debut of Steve Wolsh and is packed with old-school special effects, shocks, and lots of breasts!

“After narrowly escaping an ancient burial ground, long forgotten and buried underneath the marshes of Cape Cod, a group of friends emerge from the thick, marshy darkness, tattered and bloody, lucky to be alive. They have already lost two of their friends in the marsh, presumably dead. They stumble upon an empty Cape Cod vacation house alongside the foggy marsh and break in to take shelter. Whatever was in the marsh is still after them and soon after one of them goes for help, the rest of the group learns that the evil in the marsh is not the only thing that wants them dead. Something worse, something more savage, was lying in wait just outside the marsh.”

And now you can get a special MUCK prize pack for free! Included in the prize pack:
– A movie poster signed by Kane Hodder
– An alternate poster signed by Jaclyn Swedberg
– A limited edition MUCK shotglass
– A DVD copy of MUCK

We have two of these prize packs to give away to our readers!

But we’re not just going to give it away! You have to work for it. The name of the game is creativity here, people, and we’re going to select two winners based on a good old fashioned “Caption This Photo” Contest! So, put those thinking caps on because the competition for this giveaway begins now! Starting today, March 9th until Saturday, March 14th, horror fans can caption one or both MUCK movie stills below for their chance to win this exclusive HorrorSociety giveaway from Anchor Bay Entertainment. Make it funny, sarcastic, silly, scary, whatever – just make it good!

Just to be clear, you cannot win both prize packs. I will select the two best captions from separate contributors based on submissions.

You can find the photos you need to caption below. Send your captions to me at for your chance to win! Get ready… Set… Go!

Caption #1:


Caption #2:

87 copy

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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