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Dean, played by John McCullough, is an estranged father. He hasn’t seen his daughter since she was 1 year old. That was 18 years ago. He is also suffering cancer, and the doctors have given him a few months with treatment, or a few weeks without. He just wants to see his daughter again before he dies.

Stephanie, played by Madison Vulic, is a young girl, around 20, who was raised by her mother. She has been a ballerina and is now turning to modeling. She has been accepted into modelling school in France, which will give her a contract with the top fashion designers of Paris. Unfortunately she can only afford the airfare and accommodation, she can’t afford the tuition. Her mother has refused to help her, telling her to give up on her dream.

Fiona, played by Ruth Richards, is a downtrodden, abused wife and new mother. Her husband, Charles, played by Tasker Streete, has been unemployed for two years and they struggle to pay their bills, let alone raise a baby. On top of all this, Fiona suspects Charles of cheating on her.

Jarrod, played by Harley Diprose, has been in love with a girl since they recently finished high school together. He fantasises about her, and wants nothing more than to have her affection. Unfortunately Jarrod is inexperienced with women.

Each person becomes entangled with the others, as their lives explode in a turmoil of violence, deceit and crime.

Brenton Foale

Leanne Campbell

Brenton Foale

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(In pre-production)

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This horror/thriller movie is in pre-production. We will be filming on 4K cameras in May 2015 in Melbourne, Australia.


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