Giveaway: John Carpenter’s Halloween and Christine on VHS.

VHS tapes have been making a comeback lately. Unfortunately, my player has been broken for years now and I’m too lazy to get a new one… So, I’m more than willing to giveaway a couple of pieces from my movie collection to other deserving John Carpenter fans.

The two VHS tapes I am offering up are copies of Halloween (1978) and Christine (1983). These are not original releases; from what I can tell this edition of Halloween was released in 1997 and Christine in 1999. The cases are not mint condition, but they have no cuts, folds, tares, holes, or any pieces missing.

Here’s a picture to better see what I’m giving away in this contest.


I think the reason why so many people still dig movies on VHS tapes is because it’s very reminiscent of the good old days of horror; the golden years between the 70s and 80s when the genre was evolving and churning out iconic hit after iconic hit. That was, of course, before Hollywood started churning out crap movies and started raping and pillaging the genre with remakes. So here’s how you need to win the two VHS tapes above…

I want to hear your original ideas! I want to hear your ideas for a new installment in Halloween or Christine. How would you continue Halloween after H20 (can we all agree that Resurrection shouldn’t exist?). How could you possibly continue Christine? You MUST give me the movie title followed by a one paragraph synopsis of your idea for a new entry in either franchise. I’ll even post some of the best, including the winner, anonymously on to kickstart a good conversation.

I’m going to leave this giveaway contest open from now until Thursday, March 26th. Send your submissions to for your chance to win!

Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)