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Horror Society Exclusive: Seven Dorms of Death Stills and Official Synopsis


Several months ago I brought you beautiful people news about the upcoming S.O.V. inspired slasher titled Seven Dorms of Death from the talented director Richard Griffin and Scorpio Film Releasing and written by Matthew Jason Walsh.  Griffin is the amazing man behind the modern classics Murder University, Exhumed, Disco Exorcist, and The Sins of Dracula.  I reached out to Richard and he was nice enough to hook Horror Society up with some exclusive stills and the official synopsis.

Synopsis – Recently discovered on an EP video cassette at a yard sale, the 1982 “lost horror film” SEVEN DORMS OF DEATH tells the tale of a cursed stage play that is about to be performed at a New England college. Unfortunately for the director, the young cast and anyone else unlucky to be involved with the production, SOMEONE has much deadlier plans for this play! Can a pair of homicide detectives, an intrepid newspaper reporter and a student with “psychic powers” solve the mystery and catch this ruthless killer before more people are horrifically murdered, or is everyone doomed?

The film has no official release date as of now but you can bet your ass that I will be sharing any news on the film as soon as it becomes available.  Now, check out those awesome stills below!

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