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Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Deanna Deadly


Deadly Beauty: Horror’s Scream Queens and Rising Talent: Deanna Deadly

stiff 1Deanna Deadly is a redhead Irish alt and fetish model of 8 years, fetish performer of 5, an occasional DJ and aspiring scream queen from Chicago with a current home base of Orange County. She is constantly traveling and really considers herself more a nomad. She loves to shoot horror themes and also shooting in latex. She’s modeled in almost every state in the U.S.,  as well as Canada, Germany, France, England and Ireland (as well as performed in many of them too).

She’s been a horror nerd since a young teenager. First really getting into bands like the Misfits and the Damned which peeked her interest in Plan 9 and Night of the living dead and all the classics. Shes huge into 60s garage rock as well as deathrock. She’s much more into classic horror but admits that she’s watched MANY new good horror films in the last few years. Some of her favorites are: Night of the Demons, Castle Freak, Reanimator, Phantasm, Blood For Dracula, Night of the Creeps, Creature from the Black Lagoon, Them!, Monster Squad, Horror Hospital, Bloodfeast and The Loved Ones.

You can find her on the cover of past issues of American Classic, Alternative Revolution, Stiff, Pin Up Perfection, Propulsion, Riot Vixen and a few other magazines that are mostly print on demand. You can find her at upcoming events such as Monsterpalooza this weekend, Viva Las Vegas in April, Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas in May, Fetishcon in Florida in August and hopefully many more horror conventions this year! She recently filmed a Bret Micheals music video, a music video for solo girl punk artist Brenna Red and also was an extra in the film Restoration

Keep an eye out for Deanna as she has several film projects in the works as well!”*


Location: I am on the road CONSTANTLY! I’m currently living in Orange County but am in Chicago a lot and the East Coast generally every Autumn.

1. How did you get into the industry?

I’ve been a huge horror nerd since I was 11 or 12. Its only grown since then and I’m privileged enough to know many actors and film makers which just makes me more and more involved. Ive been in the alt model industry and a Burlesque performer for just shy of a decade as well so I meet many people that are involved with the horror scene in that world as well.

2. What Scream Queen inspired you most?

I’ve always always been a huge fan of Linnea Quigley. Her and Danielle Harris are tied for my favorites.

3. What are the next couple projects you are working on?

I unfortunately don’t have any confirmed movies I can announce yet. Though I recently did a Bret Micheals music video (I pulled off the cowgirl look!) as well as a Punk Rock music video for a solo girl artist. I’m also really excited about my new horror Burlesque act and looking forward to debuting it at the end of the month in Santa Monica, CA! Blood, Vampires, Boobs…Its got everything ;)


Upcoming Shows:
-Las Vegas for Pussyrama 4/5/2015
-Los Angeles for Boudoir Burlesque at Karma Lounge 4/16/2015
-Las Vegas for Nerdlesque, Sci Fi Center 4/18/2015
-San Diego,CA for Pink Boombox Productions Fetish Show 4/25/2015
-Santa Monica,CA for TRIPtease end of the month Burlesque Party 4/29/2015
-Chicago for Original Tease at Lincoln Tap Room 5/8/2015

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* Bio Info Courtesy of Deanna’s Website

Written by Dedman13

Owner of Slit of the Wrist FX and producer, actor, FX artist and writer.