Haddonfield High Class of 1978 Gym Shirt

il_570xN_505014032_eml3Although it is a year that horror fans will always remember, 1978 is the year that the small town of Haddonfield, Illinois wishes it could forget. On Mischief Night and Halloween of that year, homicidal maniac Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield and killed a service worker, Annie Brackett, Bob Simms and Lynda Van Der Klock before he was stopped by Dr. Sam Loomis and Laurie Strode. Later on Halloween night, Myers would murder a young woman, a security guard, an ambulance driver and four nurses while searching for his sister at Haddonfield Memorial Hospital. These events, which unfolded in just 48 hours, had claimed the lives of ten people!

…And now you can commemorate the massacre with this special Haddonfield High 1978 Physical Education T-Shirt! Wear it as a memorial to those who were lost that year. Wear it for the decorative knives in place of the school mascot! Or just wear it because you’re a huge Halloween fan! This is a cool T-shirt that you can wear while lounging around the house, working out or to confuse your fans as they question how old you really are! It doesn’t matter what the reason is as long as you buy one!

Created by NIFTshirts and distributed through, the Haddonfield High 1978 Physical Education T-Shirt is available for only $16.99! The shirt is a unisex item, suitable for both men and women – although a more feminine version is available here – and comes in all sizes ranging from small to 2XL. Hand printed and made of cotton, it comes in a variety of colors including grey, white and orange! NIFTshirts has over 400 positive reviews to their credit, so satisfaction is guaranteed!

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