The Ghouligans! Super Show (Review)


Director – Sean King (The Ghouligans: Mini-Series)
Starring – Pete Bune (Pick a Hostage), Justin Hertz, and Sean King
Release Date – 2008
Rating – 4/5

Taglines – “Lights! Cameras! Ghouligans!”

The horror community is in a bit of a rough spot if you ask me.  Sure, we have several hits pop up here and there but I am sick and tired of shitty Walking Dead rip-off zombie movies, found footage ghost flicks inspired byParanormal Activity, and torture porn.  Each of those have actually spawned a film or two that was worth watching but for the most part they are really shitty.  However, there is some great horror features and web-series that seem to go unnoticed or receive the lack of attention they truly deserve.

A few months back I came across the web-series The Ghouligans and fucking loved it.  The show was nothing groundbreaking but it did put the fun back into horror.  I reached out to their Facebook page and they were kind enough to send me the mini-series, a DVD of their original shorts, and the Super Show.  After reviewing the first two it is now my time to check out the Super Show.

vlcsnap-2015-05-01-22h38m31s56**Spoiler Alert**The Ghouligans! Super Show is a variety show following the antics of four supernatural creatures named Void, Boris, Wolfgang, and Count Farnham.  The show features skits that are similar to basic cable shows such as late night talk shows and cooking shows all with monstrous twists.**Spoiler Alert**

The average horror fan will be surprised by all the amazing indie horror productions out and about.  The Ghouligans! is one that is fairly new to me but the characters have quickly became one of my favorites in recent years.  The mini-series was phenomenal and one that I have ventured to several times since receiving the DVD.

The shorts, released before the mini-series, was fun but did show the beginning of the characters and their rough sides before they were polished up.  Super Show was the mid-ground for The Ghouligans.  The characters have become more developed by this point and the stories are more based on the characters themselves and their personalities.

The acting in this one is what we have come to expect and enjoy when watching The Ghouligans.  The characters are fun and silly in a horrifying way that reminds the viewer of the innocent ghouls from The Munsters and The Addams Family.

The story for this one is the same we get from the mini-series but with several new segments and parodies.  They are fun but nothing really new or amazing.  Finally, the film does have some great practical effects but no blood or gore.  The point of the show is to take things that go bump in the night and make them tickle your funny bone.

Overall, The Ghouligan! Super Show is a fun filled monstrous romp into variety show television.  The film has some great characters, fun stories, and some amazing practical and visual effects.  Check it out!


Written by Blacktooth

(Staff Writer) Lover of all things horror and metal. Also likes boobs and booze.