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FACES Begins Principal Photography


Award Winning Graphic Novelist(Spirit Window, Undercover Clown) turned Writer/Director, Devin Hylton is currently in production on his Surrealist Crime Thriller, FACES.

FACES is set in a societal back drop where violence and aggression have become passé and a social pariah. Guns have gone by the wayside and there hasn’t been a murder in over five years. The Police and Homicide department are now defunct, citizens go about their day to day lives, and the sun rises and goes down each day. One morning a person is discovered violently murdered.

Amidst the confusion and fright, several reports of unconnected shadows and a mysterious hum has plagued the town off and on for ten years, and now it has become more prominent. A former Detective and his estranged partner set to track down the culprits. What emerges is a much broader mystery, which could affect everyone.

FACES incorporate elements of Drama, Crime, Fantasy, Horror, Science Fiction, Film Noir and Action into a thrilling ride of suspense and uncertainty down to the last second.

The Cast includes SILIVO WOLF BUSCH(The Fault in Our Stars), BRIAN ST. AUGUST (As The World Turns, Day of The Gun), ERIN SPENCER (True Detective, Prison Break, C.S.I), BISHOP STEVENS (EMPIRE) and Veteran Shakespearean Actor, MARK SMITH among others.

Edgewaterfilms was founded in 2012 by Writer/Director Devin Hylton. The mission statement was simple, do imaginative and High Concept narratives that are commercial and mainstream accessible but give the viewer something that is out of the norm. Edgewater Films believes that in a desert of cliché horror, comedies and zombie films, there is still a marketplace for writers and filmmakers that do things differently and leave an indelible mark.



Written by Mitchell Wells

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