Conrad Faraj to tackle UFOs and real life weirdness in Fighting the Sky.


I guess you can say I’m an “alternative topic” reader; I like to read news stories about government cover-ups, conspiracy theories, UFOs and other topics that aren’t covered by the mainstream media. This is why I am so happy that someone is finally covering the the “ominous sound in the sky.” For years – if not decades – there have been unidentified booming sounds heard in the sky that cannot be attributed to weaponry or natural occurrences. It’s actually more of a cosmic hum, if you will, but it’s pretty unnerving when you hear it. Just google apocalyptic sounds in the sky or something close to that. It’s always the unexplained, real life weirdness that make for the best science fiction movies.

Enter Fighting the Sky.

Fighting the Sky is a new science fiction feature with loads of horror and thrilling elements thrown in. It’s currently in the midst of shooting scenes around the Cleveland area under the direction of Conrad Faraj. Faraj is a mastermind when it comes to scifi and his previous short film, Little Thieves, just won the Best Scifi Short Award at the Los Angeles Independent Film Awards. With over eight years in the film-making business, there’s really no one better to tackle this project. I genuinely cannot wait to see what Conrad pulls off with Fighting the Sky. Can it be 2016 already?

Fighting the Sky will follow, “a group of young ufologists who explore a series of apocalyptic sounds emerging from the sky.” It’s a pretty vague synopsis for now, but I’m sure we’ll learn more about what goes on as promotional materials are released in the future. Speaking of the young ufologists, they will be played by local talent including Angela Cole, Roger Conners, Matthew Ward, Nicole Ann Hicks, Alison Headrick, Jinette Faraj, Judith Faraj, Brianna Burke, Bailey Weaver, Logan Roberts, Ed Conrad and Larry Cahill.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)

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