Is There A Werewolf Terrorizing Brazil…Again?

For whatever reason Brazil seems to be the werewolf capital of the world as a supposed sighting is announced there at least once a year. The real question? Is the werewolf captured on street security camera on Friday, July 31 2015 the same beast that was spotted several cities over on May 2 2014? Or could it be a werewolf pack?

Apparently, the werewolf was spotted by a number of witnesses, but Andre Lopes of Ceilândia was the first to produce actual “evidence.” He says the original footage shows the werewolf circling several streets in the Ceilândia district. Lopes has yet to hand over the full footage and has not been available for comment with any news source.

Listen, I’m all for exploring the existence of cryptids, but it has to be somewhat believable. Bigfoot could be a missing genetic link. Nessie could be the last remaining dinosaur. But, a werewolf? How do you explain that with science? Really, as pointed out by commentators on other sites, it looks like a paraplegic wearing prosthetic running legs while donning a coyote costume.

VERDICT: HOAX, although nice job with the shadows on the ground!

Written by MGDSQUAN

(Senior Editor) MGDSQUAN