Patricia Chica Releases “Serpent’s Lullaby” on Vimeo for 24 Hours in Support of World Suicide Prevention Day.

SERPENT'S LULLABY POSTERAward-winning filmmaker PATRICIA CHICA makes “SERPENT’S LULLABY” available for free on
September 10thth, 2015 in support of the World Suicide Prevention Day

Los Angeles, September 9th, 2015 – Award-winning short film Serpent’s Lullaby, directed by Patricia Chica and written by Charles Hall, will have an exclusive online release as part of the World Suicide Prevention Day, for 24 hours only on September 10th, 2015. We invite all the fans to share the link on their social media!

password: lovelife

“I want to bring awareness around the topic of depression and explore the reasons why extreme emotional pain can lead someone to commit the ultimate action to end their lives. It’s a very taboo subject-matter. I hope that this poetic take on suicide helps bring light into the lives of those struggling with darker circumstances. Reaching out to someone who is suffering can truly make a difference,” says director Patricia Chica.

Winner of the Best Short Film Award at the Magnolia Independent Film Festival; of a Silver Remi Award at Worldfest-Houston International Film Festival and of the Scottiabank Award for Most Original Film at the Lakeshorts Film Festival, Serpent’s Lullaby presents a dark, haunting, and emotive tale with a contemporary twist on the myth of Medusa.

“The chthonic character coming into a modern world but holding onto the ritual of burial is poignant. Director Patricia Chica executes the story well and the script written by Charles Hall has emotional resonance,” says Ed Hovey of Soresport Movies Reviews. Trevor Michael Elvis Zimmermann of Terror in Toronto qualifies the film as “beautifully shot and well-acted, the story pulls you in without any need for exposition. Big thumbs up.”

About Serpent’s Lullaby: Few people know the name of the eccentric woman living in the centuries-old mansion just outside of town. Even fewer have seen her face. But everyone has heard the stories. Rumors of a secret garden in her backyard where her children are buried. Some think she is simply a grieving widowed mother seeking solitude. Others believe she’s a cold-blooded monster. When the empty baby’s crib in her home and her lost love become too much for her to bear she makes a decision that will change the course of her story.

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Written by Michael Therkelsen

(Senior Editor)