Movie Description:
ROWS, 84 minutes. 2015. Rows is a thriller/ horror story inspired by Grimm’s tales. A young woman (Rose) is sent to deliver an eviction notice to a strange squatter (Haviland) in an old farmhouse. Haviland puts Rose under a bizarre spell in which space, time, and reality are warped. Rose’s friend Greta also succumbs to the enchantment. They soon find themselves lost in a seemingly infinite cornfield—reliving a series of mind-bending and terrifying events. Rose must fight to break the curse in order to save herself and her real-estate developer father, or face eternity in the service of the enchantress.

David W. Warfield

A. Keith Weiner and David W. Warfield

David W. Warfield

Release Date
September 29, 2015





Additional Notes
Nelson Madison Films/ Indie Rights

Written by Mitchell Wells

Founder and Editor in Chief of Horror Society. Self proclaimed Horror Movie Freak, Tech Geek, love indie films and all around nice kinda guy!!

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